Toilet Training Tools Necessary for Baby Toilet Training

If you are wondering which potty should be given toilet training, what should you pay attention to when choosing training panties, what is the use of the adapter, and if you think that some suggestions will make your job easier, we recommend that you read the article we wrote about the potty, training panties and adapter. Here are 4 questions 4 answers!

1. What are toilet training tools?

Before you start toilet training, your home should have:

  • Potty or adapter,
  • Disposable and conventional toilet training training pants


  • Books or cards describing toilet training,
  • It’s good to have a model doll and a toy potty.

Recently, the toilet training table for increasing the motivation of the child and for rewarding is one of the most used tools.

2. Toilet training should be done with which potty?

One of the most frequently asked questions about toilet training is what kind of potty to use. When choosing a potty for toilet training;

  • First of all, it is important to choose a durable and robust model. Do not overturn when sitting or standing.
  • Make sure your child has features that he or she will love. There are many alternatives on the market in different colors and models that have an entertaining design, play music when you go to the toilet.
  • You can also take advantage of the personalization option. You can write your child’s name on the potty, stick stickers of his favorite cartoon character.
  • In order not to interrupt toilet training, you can put a potty in the car or use a portable potty in addition to the potty at home.
  • Whatever type of potty you prefer, the best potty is the potty that encourages your child to toilet training, don’t forget!

3. Should a potty or an adapter be preferred for toilet training?

If your child prefers to sit on the toilet like adults, if he is curious about the toilet, you can choose the adapter. If you choose the adapter, what you should pay attention to is that it provides foot support. The toilet training ladder can also help your child sit up and sit easily.

4. How should the toilet training panties be?

The purpose of training panties; To facilitate toilet training and the transition to regular panties. During toilet training, we recommend using the following training pants, respectively:

  • Disposable training panties: It is the ideal panty for the beginning of toilet training. It feels wet. In this way, it makes toilet training easier by causing your child to feel uncomfortable when they pee or poop. It is also absorbent. So it prevents accidents. It can be used with peace of mind during travel and home visits.
  • Traditional training pants: Very absorbent and durable. It can be used after a few successes at the beginning of toilet training. 
  • Night training pants: Absorbent training pants can be used at night during toilet training.
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