Ways to Build a Child’s Tooth Brushing Habit

Making a habit is a long and difficult process. You will also experience this process while trying to get your child into the habit of brushing teeth. However, there are ways to turn this job into an enjoyable activity without turning it into a war! After reading this article, you will take the first step towards bringing your child together with pearly and healthy teeth!

Do you need to brush your baby’s teeth?

The baby begins to extract their first tooth at around 6 months of age. As you know, since the teething period has started, it is time to start additional food. If your baby has started solid foods, it is time to take care of his dental and oral health. It’s not a very good idea to use a toothbrush for babies aged 6 months to 1 year. But you can clean your mouth with the help of your finger or a silicone cleaning brush by wetting a soft cheesecloth or gauze, and you will have some relief from itchy gums.

At what age should you start brushing training for your child?

Yes, your child’s milk teeth, which appear with all kinds of pain, will fall out after a while and new teeth will take their place. Before the tooth fairy comes and takes your child’s milk teeth, you need to start brushing training. Milk teeth also rot, yet a 2-3 year old child may experience this problem. Unhealthy milk teeth mean unhealthy main teeth.

The best way to inculcate the habit of brushing teeth in your child and put it on a solid foundation is to instill this idea from the core.

When your child reaches the age of 1 and starts to remove their back teeth, you can take the first step in brushing education by buying a toothpaste with a children’s toothbrush suitable for their age.

  • The children’s toothpaste you buy should be chemical-free and fluoride-free; because the child will definitely swallow some of the toothpaste at first.
  • Your toothbrush choice should be much softer bristled, small in size and flexible.
  • Help your child get a grip on the job by brushing their teeth together until they are 7 years old.

Fun ways to get your child into the habit of brushing teeth

“How to teach a child to brush teeth?” The question may be confusing. You are very likely to fail on your first try. The child may find this action disturbing and frightening at first. You should encourage him to take this action and make it fun. Let’s talk a little bit about how you can do this.

Be a good example for him!

We all know that children watch their fathers shaving or mothers who wear make-up with envy and emulate these situations. Why shouldn’t this apply to brushing teeth? Set an example for him first and make your dental care regular. Get him to watch you and explain every step of brushing with detailed, fun phrases. Then try to do this with him regularly.

Choose an eye-catching toothbrush!

Children like colorful and fun objects. You can choose the children’s toothbrush you will buy for him from the multi-colored and cute figures. You can find many similar varieties in the market. Giving him the opportunity to choose his own toothbrush can also be an encouraging way. There are also colored toothpastes available!

Let your child try brushing on others!

It is known that children love to imitate. Therefore, you can let your child try brushing on you or their toys. The fact that toys brush their teeth can create in their child’s head the idea that brushing is necessary for everyone. Brushing a toy’s teeth will be a fun game for him!

Reward him!

By rewarding, we do not mean to give a reward or a gift after each brushing action, but not at all to give foods such as candy and chocolate! By purchasing a set of stickers, you can gift her different stickers to stick on the set after each brushing. Keep your future stickers hidden from her and get her to get the next one!

Turn this routine into a game!

You can create some tooth brushing games to get your child more enthusiastic about this job. You can play time-based games, considering that the optimal time for brushing is between 1.5 and 2 minutes. Get an hourglass that will take about 2 minutes to empty and race who will brush longer. But make sure you don’t hurt your gums!

Create a story for him!

You can tell that after eating sugary or chocolatey foods, sugar bugs will accumulate between and inside your teeth and that he is a superhero fighting these bugs, and his weapon is brushing teeth. You can make things a little more theatrical by tying a cape on your back while brushing your teeth.

Make brushing your teeth a fun part of your day!

When you and your child take a bath, turn on some fun music they love and dance together while brushing their teeth. Let him make the figures he wants, but be careful not to slip and fall.

We also have a video about getting kids to brush their teeth, would you like to check it out? Watch how Kaan and his mother brush their teeth together:

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