Ways to Engage Anorexia Children to Meal

Has the child been eating well, but suddenly his interest in food has waned and his appetite has gone? Don’t you know what could be the reason and how can you overcome this problem?

In this article, we’ve given you some tips to re-engage your hungry child with food.

What causes anorexia in children?

  • Her interest shifts to different areas with her child’s uprising,
  • Increased sense of exploration and independence
  • Seeking different flavors
  • teething ,
  • sleep problems ,
  • Psychological causes, trauma related to eating,
  • Diseases such as urinary tract inflammation, anemia due to iron deficiency , and celiac disease are among the causes of loss of appetite in children.

If your child’s weight gain has stopped and symptoms such as weakness appear, the cause may be an illness. This needs to be investigated.

Can selected foods trigger anorexia in children?

Apart from the main meal, sweet foods, pastries and high-energy foods that you give to your child fill his stomach and provide an artificial feeling of satiety. In addition, since it will provide energy, the child wants to run, play, jump, and eating turns into a boring activity for him. Specialist Dietitian Canan Aksoy says that it is normal for children to have an increase in appetite when they eat such foods.

Apart from these, milk, fruit juice and sweet drinks also trigger anorexia in children. That’s why you should stop giving your child drinks at least 1 hour before a meal. But you can give it with meals.

What should you do to whet your child’s appetite?

In your head, “How to open the appetite of the child with no appetite?” We know you have a question. Here are some tips you can use on this topic. However, let’s say from the beginning, it is useful to consult a doctor to find the real reason behind the loss of appetite.

Don’t give the same food all the time!

“What should be fed to the child with no appetite?” you may be asking. There is no restriction for it, it can eat anything. But if your child has signs of loss of appetite, don’t constantly give her favorite food to get her to eat. Eating the same food every day will cause your child to become even colder than this. Also, this is not a correct method as it will cause one-way feeding.

Don’t insist on eating it!

Anorexia is common, especially in children aged 2 years. You shouldn’t insist on feeding your child when he doesn’t want to eat. In such a situation, it is inevitable that he will become completely cold from feeding, as the sense of independence will be at the top. So don’t insist that he eat it, but don’t offer him an alternative either. In other words, don’t give him snacks that he will like to fill his stomach because he does not eat.

Pay attention to your presentation!

The child is interested in things that are colourful, fun and never seen before. Therefore, presenting his meal with a different and enjoyable presentation may encourage him to eat. You can learn how to do it from this article.

Let it eat by itself!

As we mentioned earlier, as a child’s sense of independence increases, so will his or her desire to accomplish certain tasks on his own. So let him eat his food. This takes eating out of necessity and turns it into a self-sufficient activity.

Make him sit at the table with you

Your active child may no longer want to sit in a highchair. In such a case, you can let him sit at the table with all the family members. This way, you make him understand that eating is also a social event.

organize house parties

It is known that children with no appetite are more motivated to eat in social situations. To achieve this, you can organize house parties where your child can get together with their peers and have fun. This way, you can also socialize.

Use tableware that will interest you

Your child will not be able to say no to an interesting table decorated with colorful plates and patterned glasses! That’s why we recommend using these products. 

Make breakfast attractive!”

Most kids don’t like to have breakfast. But with a classic expression, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! You have to make this meal more attractive and different for him. It would be a good idea to offer him breakfast items he hasn’t tasted before.

Let your child direct his appetite!

Let your child eat more when hungry and less when full. The only thing you should avoid is unnecessary snacks.

Make your meal time attractive!

Joking with your child, having fun conversations, playing small games can make mealtime more attractive for him. Worth to try!

Shape your meals according to your health condition!

When the child is sick, his appetite decreases even more, so the food he eats is of greater importance. During these periods, you should carefully choose the foods you will give him. For example, if your child has diarrhea, you should prefer light foods that will not force him.

In the teething period, finger foods that are soft and soothe the gums can work.

Forcing your child to eat while sick will make their appetite worse. Don’t worry, when he’s hungry he’ll already ask you for food.

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