Ways to Prevent Posture Disorder in Children

There are many reasons for postural disorders, especially in school-age children. It is important to detect these situations early so that the problems are not permanent. That’s why you should know the answers to questions such as what causes bad posture in children, how it shows symptoms and how to fix it. All of them are available in our article, let’s read!

What are the causes of postural disorders in children?

  • Sitting incorrectly, especially in front of the television, computer or school desks,
  • Carrying heavy backpacks from a young age,
  • The child is overweight
  • Wrong choice of bedding

In addition, spinal disorders such as scoliosis can cause poor posture, or poor posture can trigger the problem of scoliosis. Apart from this, it is possible that posture disorders can cause herniated disc.

What are the symptoms of posture disorder in children?

The most prominent feature of this problem is the pain in the body. Especially in the back, waist and neck regions, there are pains similar to being held. Apart from these;

  • Muscle pains,
  • Unexplained tiredness
  • headache ,
  • tension in the body,
  • hunched posture,
  • low shoulders,
  • Difficulty sitting and standing
  • pain in the wrists and ankles,
  • Arm pain is also a common symptom.

How to prevent posture disorder in children?

The most beneficial solution to prevent postural disorder is to encourage the child to do sports. With sports, the muscles that keep the spine upright are strengthened and their endurance increases. In this way, hunched posture is prevented. In addition, it is very important to do sports in childhood for healthy development.

The weight of children’s backpacks is very important. The weight of these bags should be a maximum of 10-15% of the child’s weight. If possible, squeegee bags and bags that can be locked from the waist and shoulder should be preferred.

Again, backpacks made of light materials should be preferred.

It is important that the computer is at eye level and sitting upright while using the computer. Therefore, you should definitely sit on the sofa and the computer should be on a table.

If the child is overweight, it should be ensured that he/she loses these weights by encouraging sports and proper nutrition.

If possible, single and supported desks should be preferred for school desks. In addition, the child’s feet should be on the ground while sitting.

When using electronic devices, there should be a distance of at least 30 cm from the child.

Shoes with orthopedic soles, breathable, one finger width on the heel and toe should be preferred.

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