Ways to Protect Your Baby from Sunlight

Your baby is probably very enjoyable while swimming in the sea and playing sand games, but it is also necessary to take precautions against sunburns, skin rashes and sunstrokes in this process! For this reason, in our article, we have listed 5 items on ways to protect your baby from the harmful rays of the sun so that the pleasant moments of the baby do not turn into pain and restlessness . Come on, read!

Babies; Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption and strong bone structure. The sun’s rays are also the best source of vitamin D , providing the vitamin your baby needs. However, there are also harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun. So why are sun rays harmful?

  • UVA rays cause the skin to change color, while UVB rays burn the skin.
  • The change in color of the skin and its burning also indicate that the skin cells have been damaged by radiation.

In other words, both UVA and UVB are harmful rays for the skin. Here you need to protect your baby from these harmful rays.

So what can you do for it? Here are our suggestions to protect your baby from the sun.

1. Pay attention to sunbathing hours!

First of all, you should pay attention to the hours when you take your baby out to the sun. Experts state that the most suitable sunbathing hours are when the sun’s rays are not perpendicular. That is, you should take care not to go out in the sun between 11-15 hours, when the rays come at the steepest angle. In particular, if your baby is not yet 6 months old , you should avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

2. Use a sun protection tent!

Wherever you are, by the sea or in the garden, the sun protection tent is the most enjoyable and effective way to create a shaded area for your baby! In this way, you can put your baby to sleep when he/she is sleepy, and allow him/her to spend time with his/her toys. your tent; Let us remind you that it will be useful to pay attention to the fact that it is easy to carry, can be easily installed and has UPF 50+ feature that definitely protects from UV rays. In addition, having a mattress and mosquito net is also important for the comfort of your baby.ü

3. Don’t forget to use the stroller umbrella and awning!

Most of the strollers have awnings for sunny days, and these awnings can be enough to protect your baby from the sun on short trips. However, if you are going to spend most of the day outside, we recommend that you enlarge the shade area with the stroller sun umbrella . If there is no special umbrella accessory for your baby’s car, let’s say that most of the baby car umbrellas on the market are produced in a way that is suitable for all baby carriages.

4. Choose products with UV filters!

Babies are in the highest risk group in terms of sunstroke. That’s why you need to protect your baby with the swimsuit he wears and the hat and glasses he wears. We recommend that you buy a baby swimsuit with UPF 50+ UV protection and choose a hat with UV filter, a large visor and a protection for the back of the neck and ears.

Another issue is protective glasses against UV rays! While many think of it as just a stylish accessory, experts recommend that even small children wear sunglasses. Sunglasses with UV400 properties protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, provided they are in the appropriate size for the baby.

It’s not easy for your baby to wear sunglasses, we admit. If you think he’s going to throw away his sunglasses, you can try using eyeglass strings, these threads may help you until you get used to it.

5. Pay attention to the choice of sunscreen!

Sunscreen is a must to protect yourself from harmful sun rays! Moreover, when it comes to your baby, you have to consider many aspects of sunscreen:

  • The protection factor comes first. Experts state that sunscreens with SPF 50+ should be preferred for babies.
  • The second important feature is that it has a UV filter.
  • Water and sweat resistance is another important feature.
  • It also needs to be easy to use. Let us remind you that the use of roll-on or spray sunscreens is much easier than others.
  • You should also pay attention to the fact that it has moisturizing properties. Thus, it prevents the skin from drying out under the sun.

Another issue as important as being meticulous in choosing sunscreen is applying sunscreen at the right time. Let’s remind your baby that you should apply cream 30 minutes before going out in the sun.

Even if you have succeeded in protecting it from the sun’s rays, you should also pay attention to your baby’s fluid consumption and give him a warm shower from time to time in order to protect him from the damage of extreme heat. We also recommend that you avoid activities that will tire him out and cause his body to overheat.

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