Ways to Socialize the Shy Child

Does your child avoid crowded environments, are afraid of socializing, cannot make friends? This may be due to his shyness. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard to socialize the shy child.

In this article, we talked about the causes of shyness in children and the ways of socializing the shy child.

What are the causes of shyness in children?

  • Overprotective parental behavior
  • Child’s lack of self-confidence
  • Parents comparing their children
  • Parents’ violence to children
  • Child’s dependence on parents
  • Dislikes the child’s appearance or dress,
  • Reasons such as parents being passive characters and the child taking them as an example are among the reasons for shyness in children.

What are the signs of shyness in children?

  • Not having a friend
  • Not wanting to go to places invited,
  • avoiding the crowd,
  • Not wanting to go to school in the future,
  • Hesitant to speak even with close relatives,
  • Not wanting to participate in activities,
  • Symptoms such as not answering the questions in the lessons despite knowing them are among the symptoms of shyness in children.

How to socialize a shy child?

The shy child actually wants to communicate, but is shy. Therefore, it can be ensured that it is more enterprising with small supports. However, if the situation has become social phobia, psychological support is definitely needed at this stage.

We will talk about what we can do to make children who have not reached this point yet, who are a bit shy and a bit introverted in character, more social.

  • First of all, you shouldn’t label him by telling him about this situation. “What a shy kid you are!” repeating your rhetoric gives rise to the idea that this is indeed the case in his mind and that this situation will always be permanent.
  • If your child is shy in an environment, you should not force him to talk to people and you should never get angry. Give it some time to get to know it and get used to the environment.
  • You should be an example to him. If you act shy and cowardly, your child may exhibit the same behavior. That’s why you have to be more assertive.
  • Especially when going to an environment where your child is likely to be afraid, you should first inform him and make him curious. You can tell him that there are fun people there, that you can have fun with kids his age and get him excited.
  • If a program is going to be made, you should ask his opinions. If he has a suggestion that he will feel more comfortable with, you can apply it. It also makes you feel like you are being taken seriously.
  • You can start with small groups rather than throwing him into crowded environments. For example, you can invite a friend to the house first. Then encourage him to go to that friend’s house. First, his friend should come to your house so that he can move more comfortably in his own environment.
  • You shouldn’t be helping him at every stage. Of course, you can give small incentives on issues that are difficult. However, helping him with the issues he can deal with will cause him to be completely attached to you. Let him try to deal with minor difficulties or fears.
  • You need to learn what your child likes and likes. Having the things he likes in the environments where he will socialize will give him confidence.
  • Give him small jobs he can do so he can see what he can do and gain confidence. Confident children are more assertive in life. He may experience tasks such as watering the flowers, answering the ringing house phone.
  • You have to notice and appreciate his social skills. The child who sees his successes are rewarded can be encouraged.
  • You can always encourage him. “Don’t give up, you can do it.” Supporting him with words like can help him gain confidence and come out of his shell.
  • Talk to him constantly, try to find out what he wants. Communication with him should be strong so that he can tell you everything and break his shell.
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