We Explained the Tips for Cutting Baby Nails!

Isn’t it the most difficult thing to cut nails in baby care? We know you’re scared when you cut even smaller nails on those little fingers, but you have to do it so that he doesn’t hurt himself. Because your baby can make deep scratches on your face before you even know how.

So how will these things go? What should you pay attention to when cutting your baby’s nails? In this article, we give you tricks that will make your job easier. We also have baby nail clippers suggestions!

1- First, prepare the environment!

Before you start clipping your baby’s nails, make sure the environment you are in has enough light. There may be parts you didn’t cut in the wrong light, or you could go deep into the nail. So light up the environment first!

2- The ideal time is after a bath!

Baby’s nails will be soft after a nice and relaxing bath. Now is the perfect time to cut nails without hurting or hassle! After the bath, you will easily clean the side nails that you normally have difficulty in cutting.

3- Try the sleep cut!

While you’re trying to cut her nails, your baby will probably get irritable and won’t let you do it, screeching. You will be covered in sweat until you cut a nail.

To prevent this, experts recommend cutting your baby’s nails while they are asleep. You can try to cut it off slowly when you are in a deep sleep when you have taken a warm bath, your stomach is full and happy. Don’t worry, even if it wakes up in the process, it will dive right back in.

4- You can get help from someone!

If you think you can’t do it alone, ask your partner or a relative for help. You can cut nails while she hugs and distracts her baby. If you think this will be easy, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

5- Choose the right nail clipper!

There are plenty of baby nail clippers for tiny nails. Among them, you should choose those that show the following characteristics:

  • For the first 6 months, it should be blunt and with rounded edges, not snap fasteners,
  • The scissors you choose should not be too sharp,
  • easy to grasp,
  • Must be made of stainless steel material,
  • It should fit the nail curve.

6- How should you cut your baby’s nails?

Wrong cut can cause infection and ingrown nails. We present you the nail cutting technique mentioned by Birth Coach and Baby Nurse Ayşe Öner in her “Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Care Book” so that you can do this job right.

  • First, hold your baby in your lap with his back to your chest or hold him in the most comfortable position.
  • Grasp the hand you are about to cut the nail and hold the finger.
  • For a straight cut, open the scissors, place them under the nail, close the scissors and cut the nail.
  • For an oval cut, bring the scissors to the very corner of your nail and cut piece by piece along the curve of your finger.
  • After both cuts, you can smooth the sharp edges with baby rasp.

7- Hygiene is important after nail cutting!

  • You should wash or wipe your baby’s hands and feet after slaughter.
  • You should check your nails. You should look for a deep cut, bleeding, or a nail that you missed.
  • You should clean the nail clippers you use after cutting and dry them thoroughly.

8- What should you do if bleeding occurs when cutting nails?

Everything was going well but suddenly you went deep and your baby’s finger started to bleed a little. It’s nothing to be afraid of, just press gauze on your baby’s finger for a short time and then wipe it off. Don’t wrap or tape because the baby’s hands are often in their mouth, so the tape won’t work.

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