What are the foods that cause gas in breast milk?

Since foods that cause gas in breast milk are passed to the baby through breastfeeding, these can cause gas problems in the baby. That’s why you need to learn the foods that cause gas for the baby and not add them to both your puppy’s and your own diet.

In this article, we talked about foods that cause gas for a nursing mother. You must read it!

Foods that cause gas in newborn baby

Since the fear of gas starts from pregnancy, mothers have some reservations about nutrition from birth. Every baby and mother has a different body. While the baby becomes restless when he consumes a food, this food may not have the same effect on another mother’s baby. However, there are such foods among the foods that cause gas in breast milk that an ordinary person can experience gas problems when they consume them. What you need to do is to watch and experience both your own body and your baby.

It is known that especially raw vegetables and fruits, dried legumes, milk and dairy products are among the foods that cause gas while breastfeeding. However, you also need to consume them to maintain the health of your body. As we said, you have to test and learn this a bit by trying it yourself.

Foods that cause gas in breast milk

You should pay attention to your nutrition in order to avoid gas problem in babies , which can be seen intensely in the first 4 months . For this reason, we have listed the foods that you should pay attention to while keeping you in your nutrition program.

Here are the foods that cause gas for a nursing mother!

Gas formed in the developing digestive system can cause pain and discomfort to your baby. About 70% of babies experience this problem. Foods that you can avoid to get rid of gas problem, which can be seen intensely especially in the first 4 months, are as follows:

1. Broccoli and cauliflower

” Do cauliflower and broccoli cause gas in the baby ?” Let’s start with the question. These two, who are always mentioned together, are among the foods that cause gas to the baby. There is always the possibility of gassing whether you consume these vegetables or give them to your baby. They can also cause the smell of milk to change. For this reason, you should limit the consumption of cauliflower and broccoli, especially if your baby is very gassy. we recommend.

2. Legumes

One of the first answers to the question of what causes gas to the baby is pulses. Lentils, which you often use in soups, are among the foods that cause gas for the nursing mother. That’s why we recommend that you reduce the use of lentils in baby soups or in your own meals, and if you detect gas, cut it for a while.

You may wonder if chickpeas cause gas in breastfeeding mothers. Yes, there is a possibility that legumes such as chickpeas and bulgur may cause gas in the baby. Do dried beans cause gas in the baby ”, let’s answer the question as well. Dry beans cause gas to everyone, not just babies. For this reason, you should definitely soak the dried beans in water the night before and cook them in clean water and consume them.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage contains a sugar called raffinose. This sugar is difficult to digest and causes a buildup in the intestines. This causes gas formation. With this feature, cabbage is among the foods that cause gas to the baby from breast milk.

Cabbage is a fragrant vegetable. For this reason, when cabbage is consumed, it is possible to change the smell of its milk. This can cause breast rejection , be careful.

4. Milk and dairy products

Cow’s milk is one of the things that can cause food allergies in babies before the age of 1. It is also among the foods that cause gas during breastfeeding because it contains lactose. For this reason, you should reduce foods such as cheese and yogurt at least until the baby is 1 year old, and you should not drink any milk if you are breastfeeding. You can prefer dairy products made with goat’s milk as it is easy to digest.

5. Coffee

Coffee, which is one of the foods that cause gas in babies, contains caffeine, which is a stimulant substance. For this reason, breastfeeding mothers should drink at most 1 cup of coffee a day. In addition, since the caffeine that passes into milk is a stimulant substance, it can also cause insomnia and restlessness in the baby.

6. Citruses

Fruits are one of our favorite things because they taste sweet and are a practical snack. However, which fruits cause gas, you should learn and pay attention to their consumption during breastfeeding. What are the fruits that cause gas in breast milk, we have listed below.

  • Foods with plenty of vitamin C such as oranges, tangerines, lemons and grapefruit are among the fruits that cause gas in the baby. These fruits can also cause baby reflux due to the acid they contain .
  • Apricots, pears, plums, and peaches are among the fruits that cause gas for a nursing mother. Instead of consuming these fruits raw, making compotes both reduces the gas-forming effect and you don’t have to look for milk-making foods .

7. Fried foods

Fries are among the foods that cause gas in breastfeeding mothers. In fact, we can say that one of the things that cause gas in the baby is all foods that contain excess fat.

8. Delicatessen products

Products such as sausage, salami, and sausage usually contain too many additives and spices. For this reason, delicatessen products are among the foods that cause gas in both the baby and the breastfeeding mother.

9. Chocolate

” Does chocolate cause gas in the baby ?” Let’s answer the question. We don’t approve of giving chocolate to babies anyway. But if you are going to eat it and you are afraid of the possibility of passing into your milk and being afraid of gas, we must say that your fears are not unfounded. Chocolates are among the foods that cause gas in milk, because they contain heavy fat and sweetener. There is a possibility of gas in the milk. If you’re craving chocolate, you can eat a piece of dark chocolate.

10. Onion-garlic

So, does onion cause baby gas? One of the must-haves on the gas-causing foods list, of course, is the onion and garlic duo! Although it is thought to be one of the foods that make milk for the mother, it is known that onions and garlic cause gas in the baby and breast milk, and not only that, but also change the smell of milk. For this reason, you should include onions and garlic in small quantities in both your own and your baby’s meals.

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