What are the Right Breastfeeding Techniques?

Did you know that with the right breastfeeding techniques, you can provide your baby with enough milk and even increase your milk? Although the best breastfeeding position is the most comfortable position for you and your baby, there are some details you should know about breastfeeding methods . We told them for you!

What are breastfeeding techniques good for?

Before you start breastfeeding, it is important that you know the correct breastfeeding position for the baby. Let’s take a look at what you know about breastfeeding techniques.

  • With the right breastfeeding techniques, it ensures that the baby gets enough milk and increases the breast milk.
  • The ability of your baby to hold your breast fully helps prevent nipple pain and cracks.
  • When the baby takes the breast correctly, he draws his milk more easily and does not get tired quickly. It creates a stronger vacuum. This alerts your hormones to “I need more milk” and so your milk increases.
  • Good vacuum and longer breastfeeding ensure full evacuation of breast milk. This is also a stimulating factor and increases milk. Complete emptying of the breast prevents the breast from becoming swollen. You will not have pain. So breastfeeding and sucking become easier.
  • Your baby will suckle more peacefully. Breastfeeding times become enjoyable times for you and your baby. Being peaceful has a positive effect on milk production.

We’ve learned the benefits, so now we can move on to the correct breastfeeding position illustrations !

What are breastfeeding positions and techniques?

The best breastfeeding position is the one where you and your baby are most comfortable. We talked about the benefits you can get with the right breastfeeding method above. Well, how should the right breastfeeding be, now let’s take a closer look at the 4 most used different breastfeeding methods. From time to time you can use one of these methods, from time to time you can use the other.

1. Hug position

This position is also called the “cradle position”. If your baby was born on time, this is the right breastfeeding technique you can use most often! Because in this position, the baby uses the neck muscles to bring his mouth closer to the breast. Babies with weak muscles should be breastfed in this position after 1-1.5 months of age. To correctly apply this technique, which your baby sucks on his lap and in a lying position, you should follow these steps.

  • First, sit in a comfortable chair. Support your back with a pillow. Put a low stool under your feet. Take a pillow in your lap, too.
  • Place your baby’s head on the inside of your elbow.
  • Let the baby lie horizontally on his lap with his head slightly elevated.
  • Make sure your baby’s nose is at breast level.
  • Use your other arm to deliver the breast at the start of breastfeeding. You may need to lean forward a little so that your baby can take the breast.

If you had a cesarean section, pressure on the belly and stomach part due to the stitches may cause you to feel pain. Then you can use this breastfeeding position when the pain subsides. Moreover, since the baby’s face and belly are turned towards the mother, it is the most used among newborn breastfeeding techniques !

2. Reverse hug position

This breastfeeding method, also called the “cross cradle position”, is actually very similar to the embrace position. Baby lying down, your sitting position, everything is the same. The only difference is;

  • This time you will hold your baby lying on your lap horizontally with your other arm, that is, you will hold his head with your hand.
  • Supporting your baby’s neck muscles is one of the benefits of reverse breastfeeding. It also helps you adjust your baby’s distance from you.

We recommend that you choose this position if your baby is small, has less strength and has difficulty sucking, as you will support your baby’s head more. Let’s give a little information about the right breastfeeding time. Under normal conditions, you should keep your baby on one breast for 15-20 minutes. If your baby still wants to breastfeed, you should continue to breastfeed. This period may increase with the development of the baby.

3. Armpit position

This technique, also called the “bag position”, is one of the most accurate breastfeeding methods. So how do you apply this technique?

  • Prepare for breastfeeding as we have explained in other positions. So sit comfortably and support your lower back, arm and lap with pillows. You can also benefit from a nursing chair .
  • Lay your baby down under the seat with feet behind you and head in front of you.
  • Not with your hand under your seat; Support your baby’s head with your other hand.

This position is the most suitable breastfeeding method for you, especially if you have had a cesarean section, because there is no pressure on the seams. You can also choose this position if your baby is small and has difficulty sucking. But this is the right way to breastfeed the baby, especially if you are a mother of twins .

4. Lying breastfeeding position

In this position, which is also called side-lying breastfeeding, you and your baby are in a lying position. Let’s see how you should apply this method, which is one of the most effective breastfeeding techniques.

  • Lie facedown on the bed with your baby facing you.
  • Have a pillow under your head and support your back with a pillow if possible. You can also use a nursing pillow .
  • Place your lying arm under your baby’s head to support their back.

This position is especially useful if you have had a cesarean section right after, that is, when the movement restriction continues. If you have a limitation of movement due to any illness, this is the right choice among breastfeeding techniques . Some mothers may also prefer this position during night breastfeeding.

Precautions while breastfeeding

We have summarized for you why the correct breastfeeding position is important, what you should pay attention to when applying these techniques.

  • Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by mothers during breastfeeding. Incorrect breastfeeding techniques cause these pains to increase even more. Don’t forget to support yourself with pillows to prevent back pain.
  • Make sure the chair or chair has armrests. For your comfort, you can choose nursing seats.
  • Let the breastfeeding environment be a comfortable, calm and peaceful environment. Try to breastfeed calmly in a dimly lit room that does not allow much outside noise.
  • Whatever method of breastfeeding you use, keep the baby’s head slightly higher than your body. Don’t keep your head too horizontal, either. Have the ear part up.
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