What Are the Symptoms of Pregnancy? When Does It Start?

You’ve missed your period, you’ve been sluggish lately, and your body is experiencing unusual developments. So you’re wondering what are the pregnancy symptoms? So, when do the earliest pregnancy symptoms start? Is it possible to detect pregnancy by signs of pregnancy in 7 days?

In this article, we have provided information about the pregnancy symptoms that your body is showing you. Let’s see if what you are experiencing are the first signs of pregnancy?

What are the pregnancy symptoms?

  • period delay,
  • Stream,
  • groin pain,
  • breast tenderness,
  • darkening of the nipples,
  • frequent urination,
  • light bleeding (oversight),
  • Smell sensitivity and craving
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • bloating in the abdomen,
  • Elevation of body temperature.

When do pregnancy symptoms start?

For some women, the first signs of pregnancy can be felt in the first 5-10 days after fertilization occurs. But in the meantime, you may not be able to make much sense of the symptoms you felt before, probably because there is still time for your period to come. After the menstrual period has passed, the symptoms of pregnancy begin to make sense in the first week.

When do the earliest pregnancy symptoms appear?

The symptoms of pregnancy and premenstrual period (PMS) are very similar. This is why some women may observe signs of pregnancy in their bodies in the first few days after ovulation. However, it is difficult to say whether pregnancy is the cause of these symptoms.

Let’s answer the question of what are the earliest pregnancy symptoms . The first symptoms appear with the onset of menstrual delay. There may be a feeling of discomfort and swelling in the groin area. But since these symptoms coincide with your period, you may not be aware that you are pregnant. When the eggs meet the sperm, the early signs of pregnancy begin with fertilization. The first signs of pregnancy appear, along with nausea and dizziness. The first signs of pregnancy disappear from the 12th week.

What are the signs of pregnancy in 7 days?

The symptoms of the first week of pregnancy begin to appear within 7 days. Well, how is 1 week of pregnancy determined, let’s talk about it. The first of these symptoms, which may vary in every mother-to-be, is manifested by inguinal pain and contractions. In the first week when the baby is placed in the mother’s womb, short-term light bleeding, called oversight, can be seen. Like many expectant mothers, you may think that these pink or brown spots are menstrual bleeding.

What are the 100 percent pregnancy symptoms?

First of all, let’s say that it is not possible for every pregnant woman to experience these symptoms in the same way. Although delayed menstruation is one of the hundred percent symptoms of pregnancy, this may not be a definite result for women who experience menstrual irregularity. However, seeing each of the symptoms such as delayed menstruation, pain in the groin, discharge, tenderness in the breasts, frequent urination, sensitivity to smell, dizziness, morning sickness and vomiting strengthens the possibility of pregnancy.

In addition to these symptoms, symptoms such as emotional changes, increased body temperature, weakness and a constant desire to sleep also indicate pregnancy. Let’s take a closer look at the surest signs of pregnancy.

1. Menstrual delay

Among the hundred percent pregnancy symptoms, the first thing that comes to mind is the delay in menstruation, as we all know. In particular, when a woman who normally has regular periods realizes that her menstrual bleeding has not started on the expected date, she thinks that this is the strongest reason for taking an early pregnancy test. If your period is also delayed, you should consider the possibility of getting pregnant.

Is it a sign of pregnancy or a period? Like many women, you may be confused as to what the differences are between menstrual symptoms and pregnancy symptoms, and how to distinguish between these two conditions. Because symptoms such as discharge, intense pain in the groin and back pain are also among the symptoms of delayed menstruation. Let’s face it, there are situations such as menstrual symptoms during pregnancy and it is not easy to distinguish this.

2. Current

If your period is late and you have a heavy discharge lately, you may wonder if, like many expectant mothers, white discharge from the vagina is a sign of pregnancy. For your information, pregnancy symptoms can also be in the form of discharge. The reason for this is that the estrogen hormone, which is intensely secreted in the body, makes the ovaries work faster!

The important thing here is the color and smell of the discharge. We know that when these features change, there are question marks in your mind. Let us enlighten you based on your questions.

  • Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?: Yes, also if the discharge is clear and odorless, it’s fine.
  • Is yellow discharge a sign of pregnancy?: It may be, but its color close to yellow or green, darkening is not a good sign. If this color is accompanied by a bad smell, infection may be in question.
  • Is brown discharge a sign of pregnancy?: We can accept brown or pinkish discharge as normal and symptom. Because this could be implantation bleeding.

3. Groin pain

You’re wondering if your period is late and your period-like pain is a sign of pregnancy? Groin pain is also considered among the early pregnancy symptoms. Inguinal pain caused by the embryo implanting in the uterus is usually seen in the 4th and 5th weeks of pregnancy.

4. Breast tenderness

When you become pregnant, changes in hormone levels occur. Due to these changes, pain and swelling occur in the breasts. You know, before the start of the menstrual period, there is a sensitivity such as pain in the breasts, this pain also resembles the premenstrual period, but is more severe than that.

Let’s explain whether nipple tenderness is a sign of pregnancy. This sensitivity caused by pregnancy is not limited to the breast, it is also effective on the nipples. Aching, aching, full, swollen, tender and even painful breasts are among the earliest pregnancy symptoms felt from the meeting of the sperm and egg for many women. Immediately “When does breast tenderness begin during pregnancy?” Let’s answer the question. This tenderness can begin a few days after fertilization.

5. Darkening of the nipples

Changes in breasts are not limited to swelling and tenderness! So when you’re thinking, ” How do I know if I’m pregnant, ” it makes sense to start by examining your breasts. Because not only may you feel pain in your breasts, you may also notice that the area around your nipples is getting wider and darker.

It is normal for the circular areas surrounding the nipples to enlarge within a few weeks after fertilization. The reason for this and similar color changes in your skin is the hormones that are already overflowing! Tiny blisters (which look like acne but aren’t) may also grow around the nipples. It may take a few weeks for your body to adjust to the changing hormone balance and pregnancy, after which you’ll probably feel more comfortable.

6. Frequent urination

If the place where you spend most of your time lately is the toilet, if you wake up at night in an unusual way and go to the toilet, you may think, “Is frequent urination a sign of pregnancy? ‘ question may arise. Our answer to your question will be yes!

When does frequent urination occur during pregnancy , you may also wonder. This condition usually occurs 1 to 3 weeks after fertilization. The reason is that the hormones that accelerate blood flow also affect the kidneys!

7. Light bleeding (oversight)

Some women experience a slight vaginal bleeding as the embryo implants in the uterus. This is called implantation bleeding . Therefore, it can be counted among the first week symptoms of pregnancy. Implantation bleeding usually occurs 5-10 days after fertilization, possibly earlier than your expected period. Since this condition usually coincides with the menstrual period, it can be confused with menstrual bleeding. However, this pregnancy symptom bleeding is not red like menstrual bleeding, but a light to medium pink color.

8. Fragrance Sensitivity

One of the first signs of pregnancy is sensitivity to smell. An odor that you weren’t bothered by before can make you feel nauseous. That’s why we want you to answer the following to answer the question of how do you know you are pregnant.

  • Has your sense of smell sharpened?
  • Have you become more sensitive than ever to the smells around you?
  • Are there times when smells that no one feels cause exaggerated reactions in you?
  • If yes among the answers, we say stop and think. You may be experiencing the first signs of pregnancy.

When does smell sensitivity begin during pregnancy, let’s say that too. Sensitivity to smell that occurs in the first weeks may last until the 3rd and 4th months of pregnancy.

9. Weakness and desire to sleep

Can’t even move your fingers? Do you feel so exhausted that you would crawl on the floor if you let it go? Are you sleeping like you’ve never slept before?

If the above questions describe what you are experiencing these days, “Is fatigue a sign of pregnancy? “We can answer yes to the question. Weakness and desire to sleep are also among the first things that the ancients considered among the signs of pregnancy. If we consider the issue from the scientific side, this symptom occurs due to the changes that the body goes through to adapt to pregnancy and reduces its effect during the 2nd trimester.

10. Nausea and vomiting

Pregnancy symptoms are also manifested by nausea and vomiting in the first week. While nausea and vomiting can occur quite early after fertilization, some women begin to experience this symptom in the days following fertilization, and in some women around the 6th week.

Although this condition, which can occur due to changes in hormone levels, is known as morning sickness, it can be experienced at any time of the day.

11. Abdominal bloating

The feeling of bloating can be one of the earliest pregnancy symptoms because it can start from the very first moments of fertilization. You might think it has to do with your changing hormones already.

So, “ Is bloating a sign of pregnancy? “Our answer to the question is yes, but it is difficult to distinguish this feeling from premenstrual bloating and edema. That’s why we recommend you wait a bit before getting excited.


12. Increased body temperature

Is an increase in body temperature a sign of pregnancy, let’s explain right away. If you know your regular body temperature under normal conditions, you can consider a 1 degree increase from normal as a symptom.

In this case, if you monitor your body temperature regularly, you can see that your body temperature was 1 degree higher from the moment you got pregnant and remained high throughout the pregnancy. High temperature is one of the early signs that your body gives you for the question of what are the first pregnancy symptoms.

Questions about pregnancy symptoms

1 week pregnant can be seen in the blood?

Yes, if “Am I pregnant?” If you are wondering, you can get a definite result by having a blood test in the first week of your pregnancy.

Is it possible to get pregnant without any symptoms?

Yes, you can be pregnant without experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms. The most reliable way to understand pregnancy is to take a blood pregnancy test.

Can there be signs of pregnancy without a missed period?

Even if you think you have a period due to short-term light bleeding, which we call vision, you may actually be experiencing a pregnancy-related symptom.

Do you have stomach ache in the first days of pregnancy?

Stomach pains usually start from the first 4 weeks of pregnancy and continue intermittently until the third month. But groin pain is among the early pregnancy symptoms.

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