What are the W Sit Damages, How to Fix It?

W sitting, which is a position in which many children sit frequently, can bring along many orthopedically problems.

So what are the harms of W-shaped sitting, how to fix W-shaped sitting? We told you in our article!

What is W sitting?

W sitting is the way children sit with their knees bent and their feet on either side of their hips, that is, between their two legs. It got this name because it looks like the letter W when viewed from above. It is also known as butterfly sitting.

Children prefer this position, but it is a position that causes many problems. You can look at the image below to understand how W sitting is in children.

What are the disadvantages of sitting in a W shape?

  • It can cause muscle stiffness in the legs and hips.
  • When W sitting continues, some muscles that should be used in sitting are not used and begin to soften. These muscles cannot support the body to stand upright in the future and may cause some neurological problems. – It can prevent the development of gross motor skills .
  • An introverted posture occurs at the hips.
  • It causes pressure .
  • It blunts the ability to bond.
  • This position can cause rotation in the lower leg. There may be walking problems related to this.

Why do children want to sit in a W shape?

This position is a frequently used position, especially by toddlers. Because it is very easy to go from a crawling position to a W-shaped sitting. They can sit by throwing themselves backwards in one motion. This is why almost all babies experience this sitting. This is the main reason for this position.

In addition, children with muscle laxity tend to sit in this position because they have problems with standing upright. Again, children with joint flexibility are also inclined to W sitting.

What should be done to correct the W sitting?

It is easier for babies to correct W sitting from the beginning. When the baby comes to this position, immediately bring your legs forward and give a warning like “our legs should be forward”. Your baby will reinforce this new knowledge in a short time. If your child is older, this may take some time, but you can correct the position with some patience and light exercises. This is the most important issue that experts recommend regarding correcting W sitting.

At the same time, you can ensure that your baby can turn on both sides. Put toys on either side of him that he can’t reach in that position. Since the baby cannot reach his toys in W sitting, he will evolve into a ring position.

If you think that your child has problems with this sitting position, such as balance, not being able to stand upright, not being able to walk correctly, you should consult a specialist without delay.

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