What Causes a fontanelle collapse in babies?

The fontanelle is very important for the brain development of newborn babies. For this reason, situations such as the collapse, swelling or throwing of fontanelles in babies can worry parents a lot. So what causes the collapse and swelling of the fontanel, and should you really be worried? Let’s start!

What causes fontanelle collapse in babies?

The fontanel is one of the most sensitive areas of babies from birth. Especially in the newborn period, it is refrained from touching the baby’s head due to fears such as the collapse of the fontanelle or crushing it. But the collapse of the baby’s fontanelle has little to do with touching the head. Because the solid connective tissue that makes up the fontanelle is not as sensitive as it seems. Well, in this case, what causes the collapse of the fontanelle in the baby, let’s look at it together.

  • Insufficient fluid intake
  • Prolonged diarrhea (lack of water caused by diarrhea),
  • Prolonged vomiting.

Due to these reasons, the baby’s fontanel may collapse inward. In this case, what you need to do is to give your baby water frequently to meet his/her fluid needs, and if he/she is only breastfeeding yet, breastfeed a lot.

Symptoms of fontanelle collapse

A fontanelle collapse in babies does not show any symptoms. Since this situation is caused by the loss of fluid in the baby’s body, the shape of the collapse gives information about the severity of the fluid loss.

Sometimes babies have an opening called posterior fontanelle collapse. This depression or opening must be closed within 3 months at the latest.

Is fontanelle collapse dangerous?

The fontanel is an issue that should be especially sensitive to babies. It is very important to contact a specialist without wasting time, as conditions such as collapse or swelling of the baby fontanelle can be caused by important health problems.

fontanelle swelling in infants

Contrary to collapse, babies‘ fontanelles may be more swollen than necessary. This means that the pressure inside the baby’s head has increased too much. The fontanelle appears swollen;

  • hydrocephalus ,
  • tumoral formations,
  • It can point to conditions such as meningitis .

In such a case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

fontanelle in babies

Sometimes, light vascular pulsation, called fontanelle, can also be observed in infants. This is perfectly normal and you don’t have to worry. Slight swelling of your baby’s fontanelle may occur when coughing, vomiting or crying. Most of the time, this is like a pulsating blood vessel in any part of the body and does not indicate a serious condition.

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