What Causes Abdominal Grumping in Babies?

Abdominal rumbling is a condition that can be seen in everyone. But when it comes to babies, it’s normal to be alarmed, especially if the number of rumblings is high.

Let’s see what causes tummy rumbling in babies?

Inability of the baby to grasp the breast

If you’re wondering why babies’ bellies growl, one of the first things to check is your breastfeeding position. If you are using a wrong breastfeeding technique, your baby will swallow air because he cannot fully grasp your breast, and this will create air spaces in his intestines and start to produce gas. This is also manifested by abdominal rumbling. If the problem is caused by this, the stomach rumbling will disappear when you correct the breastfeeding position.

milk allergy

Many foods, especially milk and dairy products, can cause food allergies in babies. Especially since milk and dairy products cause gas and diarrhea, they can cause stomach rumbling in babies. This problem can go away when you cut out the food that causes the food allergy.


One of the most common causes of tummy rumbling in newborn babies is colic . Colic; a problem that comes with restlessness, crying spells and gas pains in babies. It is normal for colic babies to experience frequent stomach rumblings because they suffer from intense gas pains. In other words, colic may be the cause of abdominal rumbling and gas pains in newborn babies, especially in the first 3 months.

baby reflux

Since the baby’s stomach structure is not yet sufficiently developed, the food he eats may go up from his stomach and come to his mouth. Sometimes, you may even think that you are vomiting when you see the food that your baby puts out because of reflux. However, these are foods that the baby cannot digest due to the immaturity of his stomach. In this case, the baby’s stomach may growl.


If you say “my baby’s tummy is rumbling”, you should also review the diarrhea option. Diarrhea, which develops due to various diseases, can also occur from time to time during teething or as a result of feeding with excessive fiber foods. Since diarrhea causes motility in the intestines, it can manifest itself in the form of intestinal rumbling in infants.


Abdominal rumbling in babies can sometimes be seen due to starvation without any health problems. If you are sure that your baby is in good health, if there is no problem with the digestive system, you may think that the tummy rumbling is due to hunger. If you ask how the stomach rumbling in babies is, try breastfeeding or feeding as the simplest solution!

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