What Causes Dry Skin in Babies, What Is It Good For?

Although dry skin in babies is a common problem, it can be caused by many reasons. What are the factors that cause skin dryness? What symptoms does it show itself and what is good for skin dryness in babies? Let’s get started!

What causes dry skin in babies?

genetic factors

As with many problems, genetics is the leading cause of skin dryness in babies. If you or your partner has a dry skin problem, there is a high probability that your baby will have it too. The moisture holding capacity of the skin, which is dehydrated, is very low. This dryness can also cause redness and blistering in babies.


Cosmetic products containing perfumes, preservatives and chemical additives can also cause skin dryness in babies.

external factors

Every baby’s skin is different. While dry skin is a congenital problem in some babies, in others; Environmental factors such as weather conditions, sea and pool waters can be effective.


Since the glands that lubricate and protect the skin do not start to work until puberty under the influence of hormones, there is a high probability of skin dryness in children.

Weakness in the immune system

The fact that the immune system is not very strong, especially in the first months, causes the skin dryness problem to be seen frequently in newborn babies.

What are the signs of dry skin in babies?

  • Itching,
  • redness,
  • Pullanma,
  • Crack.

It often leads to dryness and cracks in the baby’s skin. Products used for these cracks can cause infection and hurt your little one, so be careful. Let’s give information about skin peeling in babies. In the first week after birth, there is peeling in the form of thin scales on the skin. This is a purely physiological condition.

Is there a link between dry skin and eczema in babies?

Skin dryness and eczema can also be seen in babies at the same time. Because long-term skin dryness paves the way for eczema if the problem is not eliminated. Dry skin eczema in babies appears flaky and causes facial flaking. It often causes itching.

A doctor’s control is essential to understand whether there is eczema due to dry skin in babies and to find the best solution to the problem.

What is good for dry skin in babies?

It may not always be possible to keep your baby’s skin clean. The disturbed moisture balance also causes skin problems in babies. There are various ways to prevent moisture loss that causes dryness and to deal with dry skin. Here are our recommendations on what to do for skin dryness in babies!

1. Avoid excess heat

Hot weather causes skin dryness, especially in babies. The decreasing air temperature outside increases the temperature inside the house. Therefore, in the winter months when you have to heat the house, take care to keep the temperature between 18°C ​​and 20°C during the day and between 16°C and 18°C ​​at night.

2. Limit bathrooms

Taking a bath every day can also dry out the baby’s skin. If your child’s skin is very dry, either bathe him less often or wipe it with a soapy cloth instead of bathing it. Avoid bubble baths, which can irritate the skin as much as dryness.

Keep your little one as short as possible in the shower. Thus, the skin does not dry out due to getting wet in water. Also, when bathing your baby, use lukewarm water instead of hot. Because hot water can also cause skin dryness in babies.

3. Be careful with your soap selection

Mild and oiled soaps like Dove are good for facial dryness in babies. Do not use soaps containing deodorant and perfume. Also stay away from antibacterial soaps, which do not remove germs any more than regular soaps and can cause skin redness and flaking. Try to use soap only as and when needed.

4. Avoid using the wrong detergent

Pay attention to the detergents you use for your baby’s clothes, try to choose the most natural products possible. Because the use of wrong detergent can cause skin dryness and itching in babies, which can lead to the development of allergic reactions.

5. Dry it tightly after washing

After baths, pat your baby’s skin dry instead of rubbing it firmly.

There is no doubt that moisturizers will give the best answer to the problem of how to get rid of skin dryness in babies. The best moisturizers for young children’s skin are products that contain both water and oil, and are fragrance- and chemical-free. For this reason, you can turn to creams for skin dryness in babies. But of course you should consult your doctor.

If you say what is good for the irritations on the face of babies , products such as Eucerin, Moisturel, Neutrogena Emulsion, Vaseline Dermatology, Aveeno Lotion or Lubriderm Cream can be more effective than lotions for excessive skin dryness in babies.

If your baby’s skin gets worse after you use moisturizer, or if a rash or rash develops, stop using the product immediately. Creams for dry baby skin are hypoallergenic and even natural products can cause a reaction on sensitive skin. With the recommendation of your doctor, you can turn to products with different ingredients.

7. Research olive oil use and be cautious

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about what to apply to the face of babies is olive oil, as it is considered a natural product. We have known for years that olive oil is also very good for skin dryness in babies, but there are some different opinions on this issue. According to some experts, olive oil, which is a natural moisturizer, prepares the ground for a healthy skin by accelerating the blood circulation while nourishing the baby’s skin.

However, there are also studies showing that olive oil harms baby skin due to the high amount of oleic acid it contains and its use should be avoided. According to the data, olive oil is not curative in skin dryness and atopic dermatitis in infants; It can also have an aggravating effect. It can increase water loss in the skin by disrupting the structural integrity and barrier functions of the skin.

For these reasons, the International Baby Massage Organization also says that the use of olive oil in babies should be avoided. In summary, it is beneficial to avoid the use of olive oil without consulting a dermatologist.

8. Make sure he gets plenty of fluids

Insufficient fluid intake also causes skin dryness problem in babies. Make sure your child is getting enough fluids. Babies may resist not consuming liquid from the glass after weaning, so be extra careful during these periods.

9. Be careful in hot weather

When the temperature rises, your baby needs protection not from dryness, but from the effect of heat and sun. There is no need to resort to any method other than creams, lotions and oils for dry skin in babies in summer.

For example, petroleum jelly can make your baby’s skin more uncomfortable. As it prevents the evaporation of moisture, it causes redness and hot flashes on the skin. Also, don’t dress your child too much in the summer.

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