What Foods are Given to Babies and When?

With your baby’s transition to solid food, you’re starting to wonder what food he can eat and when, right? In this article, we answered one by one when the foods you are most curious about are given to babies!

When are babies given water?

In the first 6 months, when the baby is fed only with breast milk, he does not need water, breast milk completely meets the liquid needs of the baby. After the 6th month, he will need to drink water because of the new mineral density in the complementary foods.

This also applies to infants who cannot receive breast milk and are fed with follow-on milk. Likewise, babies who take follow-on milk can start consuming water with the 6th month.

When are fish given to babies?

You can introduce the fish to your baby gradually with the 8th month. But of course, not every fish is suitable for your baby. In the first place, we recommend that you give your baby fish such as salmon, bonito, sea bass that do not contain bottom fish, do not contain mercury, and do not have small bones. You can offer these fish to your baby by steaming them or dividing them into small pieces in the form of soup.

When is molasses given to babies?

Molasses is a food that has benefits especially with its iron content. However, contrary to what is known, it is not a suitable food for babies due to its high temperature production and high sugar content. That’s why you should add molasses to your baby’s diet at least when he turns 1 year old.

When to give walnuts to babies?

Nuts are among the foods that are likely to cause allergies. Therefore, if your baby has a history of allergies to any food, we recommend that you be cautious about walnuts. You can wait 12 months for warranty. However, if there is no history of allergies, you can start giving your baby walnuts small by 8 months.

When is milk given to babies?

Animal milk is difficult to digest and has a slightly higher risk of allergies. In particular, cow’s milk is a much more allergenic food. That’s why experts recommend giving cow’s milk to your baby from the 12th month. You can start tasting goat milk with the 8th month.

When to give strawberries to babies?

Strawberry is one of the most allergenic fruits due to the histamine it contains. For this reason, we recommend not giving strawberries until the baby is at least 1 year old.

When to give tomatoes to babies?

Tomato is a food containing intense acid and therefore, when consumed by babies under the age of 1, it can cause acid-related rashes on the mouth and buttocks. When tomatoes are cooked, the rate of encountering these problems may decrease, but still, offering the tomato to your baby when he is 1 year old reduces these risks.

When to give kiwi to babies?

Kiwi is also a fruit with intense acidity. Therefore, it can increase the severity of diaper rash and cause rashes, especially in babies with a history of diaper rash. Therefore, kiwi should be given to babies when they are over 1 year old.

When to give pineapple to babies?

Pineapple is also a fruit that contains histamine, although not as much as strawberries. If your baby has a history of allergies, you should wait until he is 1 year old for pineapple. If you have not experienced any allergies, you can start small pineapple experiments with the 9th month.

When are olives given to babies?

You can puree low-salt and unpainted olives and present them to your baby with the 7th month.

When to give mushrooms to babies?

Mushroom is actually a more innocent vegetable in terms of digestion and allergies, but it is also a vegetable that can poison very quickly and easily if it is not stored properly or the right mushroom is not selected. That’s why you should wait for your baby to complete 12 months in order to eliminate all risks.

When to give celery to babies?

You can give celery to your baby from the 8th month. We recommend serving it as a soup or stew.

When to give tahini to babies?

Tahini is a tremendously beneficial nutrient and a store of calcium. However, sesame, which is its raw material, is one of the allergenic seeds. That’s why we recommend waiting for the 12th month.

When is spinach given to babies?

Spinach contains nitrates and nitrate can be harmful to your baby. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for your baby’s 8th month without rushing.

When to give watermelon to babies?

Baby’s 8th month is suitable for watermelon. In rare cases, it can cause an allergy, if that happens, you can cut the watermelon and try again later.

When is broccoli given to babies?

Baby can eat broccoli at 7 months. However, there is a possibility of gas, just so you know.

When to give bananas to babies?

Banana is one of the first fruits your baby can meet. You can give your baby a banana with the 6th month.

When are tangerines given to babies?

Mandarin is a fruit with intense acidity. As such, it can exacerbate the rash and rash. Therefore, you can wait until 1 year old.

When is avocado given to babies?

Your baby can meet avocado when you are 6 months old. In case of an allergy, you can cut it out and try again after a while.

When to give cauliflower to babies?

Baby can eat cauliflower at 8 months, but we recommend reducing portions if she is a gassy baby.

When are chickens given to babies?

Chicken is a food that is easy to digest and has little risk of allergies. That’s why your baby can meet chicken at 7-8 months old.

When to give eggplant to babies?

Eggplant is not suitable for small babies as it contains nicotine. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for 1 year.

When to give melon to babies?

You can taste melon when your baby is 7 months old. If there is no allergic reaction, you can continue to give. However, if he reacts, it would be useful to wait for 1 year.

When to give figs to babies?

Dried figs can be consumed when the baby is 8 months old. However, we recommend that you do not give the baby diarrhea because figs are a diuretic and a very fibrous fruit.

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