What is Good for Bee Stings in Babies?

A bee sting is a worrying situation for all of us in general. Because bee stings can have frightening results in allergic bodies. So, what are the methods that can be applied at home in case of a bee sting in babies? What is good for bee stings in babies? We told it for you!

What should I do if my child has been stung by a bee?

Babies are more affected by bee stings than adults. When a bee stings your baby, you must first remove the bee’s sting from your baby’s body without panicking. While doing this, try to pull the needle gently and straight, without leaving it in your baby’s body.

Let’s say what happens if the bee sting stays inside. A bee sting can cause swelling, staying in the needle for a long time can cause further swelling and pain. Because this causes the poison to spread throughout the body. You should ensure that the needle is removed as soon as possible in order not to deal with situations such as infection.

Put ice on the area and apply a cold compress to the reddened and swollen area. This is the first method that comes to mind when you think of what is good for bee swelling. In this way, you can reduce swelling and pain in the area. You can relax your baby by doing this cold application at regular intervals.

To eliminate the risk of infection, be sure to wash the bee sting area with soapy water after the application of ice. At the end of all these interventions, you can treat the swelling by applying carbonated water to the relevant area.

What is good for bee stings in babies?

What is good for a bee sting, what methods can you comfort your baby at home, let’s see together.


If you apply honey to the area where the bee stings, you can accelerate the healing of the wound and reduce the feeling of pain and itching. Honey is a food that is often used in such cases due to its antiseptic properties. For the best effect, you should use pure honey without additives.


It helps to reduce the effect of bee venom. You should keep the area stung by the bee in a bowl filled with vinegar for 15 minutes or apply vinegar water to this area with the help of cotton.


Carbonated water, which is good for instant redness and swelling, is also a method used for bee stings. After mixing water and baking soda, you should apply the paste-like mixture you prepared to the area, cover it with a bandage and leave it for 15 minutes.

Tooth paste

It can also be helpful to apply the toothpaste to the area where the bee stings and wait and then rinse it. Although it creates a tingling sensation at first, this feeling makes the sting area less itchy.

If you say what is good for wasp stings , we can say that all these methods are effective applications that work for both honey and wasp stings.

Which cream is good for bee sting?

Since bee stings can also cause allergic reactions, it would not be right for us to name a drug at this point. If there is a swelling and pain caused by a bee sting and you need to use the cream, you should buy it according to the advice of the specialist.

Bee sting allergy symptoms in babies

Bee stings in babies can be controlled after first aid interventions. However, this can be dangerous if your baby is allergic to bee stings. If symptoms other than pain begin to appear in the area where the bee stings, you should immediately take your child to a health institution. Especially;

  • high fever ,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • extreme fatigue,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • severe pain,
  • burning,
  • Palpitation,
  • Symptoms such as excessive swelling are a sign of an allergic condition. In such cases, it is best to go to a hospital.

Whether your baby is allergic to bee stings can be determined by allergy tests. It is best for babies, children and adults with allergies to carry epinephrine with them against this risk. Allergies can also be treated with vaccines.

In how many days does bee sting swelling go away?

If the bee’s sting is removed immediately and there is no risk of allergy, the swelling caused by the bee sting heals completely within a few days or a maximum of 1 week. However, this swelling can reach its peak about 48 hours after the bee sting, keep in mind.

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