What is Temre? How Do Babies Get Over Temper?

Tamre disease, which is a skin disease, can progress by showing an invasive feature. We talked about the things you need to know about headworm disease, which can also be seen in babies.

What is Temre?

Temre disease is a skin problem similar to eczema. The rash, which usually manifests itself in areas such as the arms and back, appears as red and raised, round spots on the skin. The disease can be seen at any age, but it is much more likely to be seen in infants and children.

What causes sweating in babies?

  • Bacteria called Tinea corporis and some microbes on the skin,
  • allergic reactions ,
  • Use of poor quality, unsuitable cosmetics and care materials for the skin. Especially the wrong choice of baby oil and moisturizer.
  • Inadequate skin cleansing
  • Irritation of the skin. Irritation of the skin, especially by detergents used in babies’ laundry.
  • Wearing hard clothes.
  • Causes such as the production of bacteria by the skin on its own are among the conditions that cause the skin problem in the body.

How to treat temrene in babies?

It is necessary to consult a dermatologist as soon as the symptoms of rash appear. Because there is a possibility that these rashes will spread throughout the body in the future. Therefore, it is necessary not to delay the doctor’s examination.

There may be different treatment methods depending on the cause of the rash. Medications such as ointments/creams may be prescribed for itching and roughness. Temper cream content can also be determined according to the cause of the disease.

If the problem is caused by bacteria or microbes, then antibiotics may be used. However, you should definitely not use drugs for temre without consulting your doctor. Because, first of all, the cause of temre disease must be determined. Accordingly, cream or pills are prescribed for temre disease.

Is sweat contagious?

Temper shows a spreading feature in the body, but it does not have a feature such as transmission from person to person.

Are there any herbal methods for the treatment of heat rash?

There are many herbal methods that have been tried for temre, but it is not possible to give information as to their effectiveness, as they will be beneficial for everyone. We think that such methods, especially for babies, should not be used unless recommended by doctors.

What can you do to prevent head lice in babies?

  • Giving importance to daily skin cleaning,
  • Checking the content of care products such as baby shampoo and moisturizer that you will use for your baby,
  • Paying attention to issues such as food allergies,
  • Prefer soft and cotton clothes that will not irritate your baby’s skin,
  • Moisturize the skin regularly
  • To use baby detergent for their laundry ,
  • Some of the methods that can be applied to ensure that the baby is not kissed too much and to prevent the touch.
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