What is the Birth Control Pill? What are the Side Effects and Harm?

Maybe you have one or more children, are happy with them and physically or mentally you don’t want to have any more children. At this point, you can take advantage of the birth control pill against unwanted pregnancy.

So what is the birth control pill, what are its side effects and harms? You can learn everything you are curious about from this article.

What is the birth control pill?

Birth control pill, namely oral contraceptive (OCS); are hormone combinations that are taken orally to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Let’s tell you what the birth control pill does . These pills contain the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This mixture prevents the eggs from coming out of the ovaries and thickens the cervix, preventing the sperm from passing here. In this way, pregnancy is also prevented.

The protection rate of birth control pills is 99%. The remaining 1% is due to irregular use of the pill.

How to use the birth control pill?

The issue of using birth control pills, especially for the first time, is confusing. Let’s explain it like this; There are two different types of birth control pills, consisting of 21 and 28-day tablets. 21-day tablets are started within the first 5 days of menstruation and continued to be taken once a day for 21 days. When the tablets are finished, the pill is interrupted for 7 days and then the new package is started.

“How many days after the 21-day contraceptive pill is finished?” you may ask. After the tablets are finished, you will have a period of 7 days. On the other hand, 28-day tablets are started within the first 5 days of menstruation and are used without interruption. The purpose of these pills being 28 days, anyway, is to prevent the confusion that occurs when the drug is interrupted. Usually the last 7 tablets of these pills contain vitamins, not hormones.

When does the birth control pill start to protect?

If you start using birth control pills within the first 5 days of your period and use them regularly without interruption during this period, the protection starts from the first day. In this process, you do not need to use an additional method of protection.

We know that another question related to this issue is “Does birth control pills protect during the 7-day interval?” Yes, the protection continues during the 7-day interval. However, if you do not start the new package on time after 7 days, there may be a risk of pregnancy.

When to take the birth control pill?

You should take one of these pills every day. But it doesn’t matter when you take it, whether you drink it in the evening or in the morning.

“Do you take the birth control pill hungry or full?” There might be a problem as well. You can take the pills either way, but we recommend that you take it on a full stomach if you are afraid of nausea.

What to do if the birth control pill is forgotten?

If the birth control pill is forgotten for 1 day, you can take it any time you think of it on the same day. You can take the next pill at your usual time. If you notice that you haven’t taken the pill the next day at the time of the medicine, you can take the two pills at the same time, there will be no problem.

If you notice that you missed 2 pills, you should take 2 pills at the same time for 2 days. You can continue to take one pill on the 3rd day. However, you should apply an extra method of protection for 7 days.

If you forget to take 3 or 4 pills, you should consult your doctor. He or she will tell you the best way to regulate your pill use. In this process, you should apply for a different method of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Birth control pill side effects

  • Headache,
  • Nausea,
  • Palpitation,
  • eye problems,
  • swelling in the legs,
  • vaginal dryness,
  • Pubescence,
  • Getting fat,
  • Breast tenderness is one of the most common side effects of birth control pills.

Birth control pill side effects

In fact, birth control pills have a bad reputation in the eyes of people. Although it is said to cause very serious problems, the harms may vary from person to person and according to the pill. As an example of the harmful situations created by the use of birth control pills in the human body;

  • Blood coagulation,
  • vascular occlusion,
  • We can say varicose veins problems. However, you should consult your doctor to get the most accurate information on this subject.

Benefits of the birth control pill

  • First of all, of course, it prevents unwanted pregnancies.
  • It reduces menstrual pain and the amount of bleeding.
  • It shrinks chocolate cysts and other ovarian cysts, reducing the possibility of new ones coming out.
  • It reduces the problems of polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • Relieves skin problems.
  • Relieves feathering.
  • It reduces the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer.

Types of birth control pills

If you decide to use a birth control pill, your doctor will find a suitable product for you;

  • menstrual order,
  • the kilo,
  • age,
  • He will choose based on his medical history.

After this stage, your task is to use the pill very regularly and to go to the doctor’s control at intervals of 6 months-1 year. If you decide to become pregnant after a while, you should stop taking the contraceptive pill again under the supervision of a doctor.

There are many birth control pill brands on the market with varying contents. When you choose this method, “Which is the best birth control pill brand?” We guess you will ask. As we said above, your doctor will choose the best pill for you. We can’t say this is the best brand, but we can talk a little about the most preferred birth control pill names and birth control pill prices.

  • Yasmin birth control pill: Apart from birth control, Yasmin is one of the most preferred pills, which is also used for problems such as acne, seborrhea and edema. Yasmin, which is sold as a 21-day tablet, should not be used by women who are allergic to Drospirenone and Ethinyl estradiol. Yasmin birth control pill price is currently around 60 TL.
  • Qlairista birth control pill: Those who use 28 tablets, that is, Qlairista birth control pills that can be used without interruption, said that they experienced very few side effects. That’s why it’s considered one of the most harmless types of birth control pills. It has also become a popular product because it supplies hormones in accordance with the body’s needs. The price of Qlairista is currently around 60 TL.
  • Yazz birth control pill: The last 4 pills of Yazz, which is a type of 24+4 ie 28 tablets, do not contain the active ingredients hormones. It is said that Yazz, which is shaped like this in order not to cause confusion by interrupting its use, has the mildest side effects. Yazz’s price is currently around 61 TL.
  • Microgynon birth control pill: This 21-tablet pill is one of the most affordable brands on the market. It can also be provided free of charge by some family physicians. If you are allergic to Ethinyl estradiol and levonorjestrel, which are the active ingredients of the drug, you should not use this pill. The price of the Microgynon birth control pill is currently around 52 TL.
  • Diane 35 birth control pill: Apart from preventing pregnancy, this pill is also used for the treatment of acne and hair growth. Its current price is around 22 TL.
  • Reginon birth control pill: Reginon is one of the brands that is one of the affordable birth control pills and can be obtained free of charge by family physicians. Its active ingredients are Gestodene and Ethinylestradiol. We recommend that you do not use the drug if you are allergic to these substances. The market price of Reginon is around 50 TL.
  • Ginera birth control pill: Ginera, whose active ingredient is Gestoden and Ethinylestradiol, is one of the most preferred pills. Its current price is around $60.

You should definitely contact your doctor if you experience the following symptoms while using birth control pills:

  • Sudden chest pains
  • bleeding when coughing,
  • sudden shortness of breath,
  • Severe headache,
  • dizziness,
  • muscle weakness,
  • speech disruption,
  • sudden loss of vision
  • Depression,
  • Serious abdominal pain.

Who should not use birth control pills?

  • women over 35,
  • Smokers,
  • high blood pressure patients,
  • Those with vascular occlusion,
  • Those who have had a recent miscarriage or abortion,
  • heart patients,
  • Those with migraine
  • It may be harmful for kidney and gall bladder patients to use birth control pills. If you have a similar problem, you should not use these pills without your doctor’s advice.

Can birth control pills be used while breastfeeding?

Birth control pills contain high estrogen. Studies have shown that estrogen hormones in these amounts reduce milk secretion. It has also been observed that this amount increases blood coagulation. Therefore, these pills should not be used during breastfeeding, at least for the first 6 weeks after birth.

The contraceptive pill used while breastfeeding should contain only progesterone. Since these pills do not contain estrogen, they can be used safely while breastfeeding. You should contact your doctor to find out the names of progesterone-only birth control pills.

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