What is the Teething Order in Babies?

We know that you have questions such as what is the teething order in babies, which tooth comes out and when. In this article, we’ve told you everything you need to know about teething sequence in babies.

teething chart for babies

We have explained how the teething sequence progresses in babies in the image below.

What is the teething order in babies?

We have described the order of teething in babies with a picture above. Now, let’s explain the functions of these teeth one by one.

anterior incisors

Your baby will have his front incisors popped out first. These teeth will appear in the lower or upper jaw. The upper incisors will probably come out first. Here, “How old are babies teething?” We can also answer the question. These teeth will erupt in an average of 6-12 months.

The front incisors, as the name suggests, serve to cut food. They will be the most helpful in this way, especially for the baby who has started solid foods and met solid foods! These teeth will begin to fall out between the ages of 6-7.

The anterior incisors, which are seen as the first teeth in babies, are 4 in total, 2 in the lower and upper jaws!

side cutters

The second teeth to appear in your baby’s mouth are side cutters! The lateral incisors do exactly the same job as the front incisors, but they erupt later than the front teeth in terms of location. Just like the front cutters, it consists of 4 pieces, 2 at the bottom and 2 at the top.

These teeth are 9-16. You can see between months. As with the anterior incisors, it will probably appear first in the upper jaw.

canine teeth

Canine teeth take the 3rd place in teething in babies. These teeth protrude in the corners of the mouth and allow food to be snatched.

Canine teeth 16.-23. It will start coming out within months. This process can be a little painful, as there are larger teeth that can cause more pain in your baby’s gums. Canine teeth, like other teeth, have 4, 2 at the bottom and 2 at the top! They will also begin to shed between the ages of 9-12.

First molars (Premolars)

These teeth, which will emerge right next to the canine teeth, ensure the fulfillment of the chewing function. These teeth 13.-19. It will start to show itself in months. These teeth are the ones that will cause more pain to your baby.

The premolars will begin to fall out between the ages of 9-11.

Second molars (Molars)

The last molars will start to appear in your baby’s mouth. 23.-33. These teeth, which erupt between months, are also useful for chewing like premolars. The molars, which will fall out between the ages of 10-12, are located at the very back of the mouth.

Does the teething order change in babies?

Above, we talked about the order in which baby teeth come out. But it may not always work in this order. Don’t worry if your baby’s teeth aren’t gone in the order we specified. Experts say this is not a symptom of any problem.

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