What Movements Can Your Child Do at What Age?

Is your child’s development normal, your friend’s child started walking, is yours late, what motor skills should be developed at what age…

Although child development has general standards according to age, it does not have to be the same for all whiskers. If what you’re about to read has big deviations for your child’s age, take your little frog to the doctor, but if there are minor changes, please don’t panic. Let’s have a good read.

12 months

  • It can sit on the ground for a long time.
  • He crawls on his hands and knees, dragging himself on his hips.
  • Clinging to the chair (a support), he can pull himself up and stand up and sit down again.
  • Walks around furniture, raising one leg and stepping sideways.
  • Can walk forward and sideways when one or both hands are held.
  • It can stand alone for several minutes.
  • Can walk alone without support.

What are the actions that he can do at the end of 1 year?

  • Can crawl up stairs (with 13th-14th months).
  • Can clap and wave (usually by 13 months).
  • Can drink from a glass by himself (around 16 months).
  • Can lift a tiny object using the tips of the thumb and forefinger (usually at 15 months).
  • He can take off his socks.
  • It can push objects with a handle.
  • May randomly say mom or dad (usually at 14 months).
  • He/she can show his/her wishes in other ways than crying (usually around 14 months).
  • They can start to roll the ball against each other (mostly at 16 months).

18 months

  • Walks safely with feet slightly apart, can start to take steps with confidence.
  • He can run by keeping his head straight in the middle and keeping his eyes on the ground, about 1-2 km away.
  • It can push and pull large toys, boxes on the floor.
  • Likes to carry a large doll or teddy bear while walking.
  • He can step back and sink into a small chair, or sit on his side, crawling slightly.
  • Gets into adult chairs, turns forward and sits.
  • Can go up and down stairs slowly when held by the hand.
  • Crawls back and down stairs, or turns forward and descends several steps, tapping the ground on his hips.
  • He can sit upright on his knees on a flat surface without the need for support.
  • When he picks up his toy, he squats by bending his knees and hips, usually supporting himself with his hands and stands up again on his own.

What can they do at the end of the 18th month?

  • Indicates the desired object.
  • Probably runs, can use cutlery but not very often, can show part of the body when asked.
  • It is also possible that he can follow the ball hitting and two-step commands without gesturing, that is, without reinforcing them with body language.

2 years

  • He runs with firm steps using all of his feet, and has learned to avoid obstacles.
  • Can crouch without losing balance to rest or play with an object on the ground, can stand up without using hands.
  • It can easily push and pull large, wheeled toys.
  • He pulls the small wheeled toys by the rope, deftly assessing which direction to go with a clear sense of direction.
  • It can climb on top of the furniture and go down to look out the window or open the door.
  • He/she can better grasp and evaluate his/her own dimensions with the sizes and positions of surrounding objects (like cabinets, barrels).
  • Can climb stairs holding onto railing or wall. Not by changing feet while taking a step; He can go up and down by bringing his two feet together on both steps to maintain balance.
  • He can throw a small ball forward from his shoulder without falling.
  • Sits on tricycle but cannot use pedals. He pushes the bike forward with his feet.
  • It can successfully open the packages of small candies.
  • He holds the pen near the tip using his thumb and first two fingers, the hand he usually uses more often. It is usually obvious which hand he is using.
  • Turns the pages of the books one by one.

What can he do when he is 2 years old?

  • She can take off a piece of her dress.
  • There is a possibility that she may jump, wear a piece of her dress.

3 years old

  • He climbs up the stairs by changing his feet, and connects his two feet at each step in order to maintain balance while descending.
  • Children can climb the tools in the garden and parks.
  • It can overcome obstacles and turn corners while running and pushing and pulling large toys.
  • Can ride a tricycle using pedals.
  • He can stand on tiptoe and walk.
  • When shown to him, he can stand on one foot for a short time.
  • He can sit with his ankles crossed on top of each other.
  • He can use both hands skillfully.
  • Can string large wooden beads on the thread.
  • Can use pen and scissors skillfully.

What can he do after the age of 3?

  • They wash and dry their hands.
  • Can dress unaided.
  • Long distance jumps.

4 years old

  • He goes up and down stairs on his own by changing feet.
  • His body dominance is highly developed, he turns and runs as he pleases.
  • He can run on tiptoe.
  • It can stand on one leg for 3-5 seconds. He can jump on his feet, which he uses more often.
  • Can pick up objects on the ground by leaning forward without bending the knees.
  • He becomes increasingly adept at ball games.
  • Holds and uses the pen like an adult.

5-6 years old

  • It walks a fine line with ease.
  • He masters movements such as climbing, sliding, swinging, digging.
  • It can jump by changing feet.
  • He adapts his movements to the rhythm of his music.
  • He can stand on both his right and left feet for 8-10 seconds, with his arms folded and mostly on his feet, which he uses more often.
  • It can jump 2-3 meters with one foot – both right and left foot.
  • He holds it tightly with both hands, his grasp is strong.
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