What Should Be Done After a Head Impact in Babies?

If your baby has had a blow to the head for reasons beyond his control, you need to follow the signs carefully! We have explained in our article what should be considered after a head injury in babies, what should be done, in which cases the doctor should be consulted immediately!

When are head bumps in babies dangerous?

Most head blows are not serious in newborns or infants whose fontanelles have not yet hardened. Because the fontanelle is not a sensitive structure, contrary to popular belief, and it protects the developing brain of the baby with a membrane structure. Therefore, small and moderate blows to the head of babies in this age range do not cause serious problems.

In children older than 2 years, it is necessary to approach the blows to the head a little more carefully. In the 2-7 age range, with the movement of the child, falling in the playgrounds, falling from the high chair, falling while running, etc. many events can occur. Whether these blows cause head trauma or not is an issue to be considered. In addition, if the fontanelle falls behind the baby’s head, the symptoms should be checked and monitored immediately.

Watch out for symptoms after a head injury in babies!

Since babies cannot express themselves, they need to be well observed when they are hit on the head. If your baby has received a blow to the head, you may experience some signs that will tell you if he has been traumatized. If your baby;

  • If he has crying attacks for no reason and does not calm down,
  • If there is a bump-shaped swelling on the head,
  • If he sleeps prematurely and is very difficult to wake up,
  • If he has experienced gushing vomiting after the blow ,
  • If blood or yellow discharge comes from the nose or ear,
  • If there is a loss of balance in walking babies,
  • If it shows sensitivity to light and sound,
  • If you have a glint in your eyes,
  • If he can’t make sense of what’s going on around him, if he has meaningless looks,
  • If he is experiencing headaches , these can be considered signs of head injury in infants and the condition can be dangerous. In such cases, a doctor should be consulted.

What should be done for the baby who was hit on the head?

  • The child should be moved as little as possible.
  • It should be checked whether there is swelling and open wounds on the head as a result of head impact in babies.
  • If there is an open wound and bleeding, a clean gauze pad should be applied to the wound and the bleeding should be stopped.
  • The open wound should be cleaned with water only.
  • If you are wondering what is good for head swelling in babies, swelling can be prevented by making a cold pad.
  • The child should be allowed to rest calmly for a while.
  • The first 24 hours after the impact should be examined. If there is a gush of vomiting, a hospital should be consulted immediately.
  • If you do not have any of the above-mentioned symptoms, observation should be continued without panicking. He can be woken up once in a while to see if there is a problem with his speech.

How can children and babies be protected from impacts?

Children who cannot walk and try to walk may encounter many accidents, especially at home. That’s why it’s helpful to make the home environment as safe as possible. We have given you some information on this subject.

  • If your child is out of the crib and is in bed, you should definitely use a mattress barrier .
  • You should make sure that the bed you sleep on is not too high.
  • Child locks on the windows and protective doors at the top of the stairs protect them from possible dangers.
  • You can cover the sharp corners of the items with corner protection materials.
  • You should use seat belts in vehicles such as highchairs, baby carriers, baby carriages.
  • You should ensure that tools such as cables are not left open in the middle.
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