When Are Babies Hair Cut?

Some babies may stay bald for months, while others may be born with very thick hair. As such, one of the things that mothers are most curious about is when the baby’s hair can be cut.

In this article, we talked about when babies’ hair is cut, is there any harm in cutting the hair of newborn babies, and what should be considered in the first haircut of babies. Let’s start!

When is the hair of the newborn baby cut?

In fact, there is no set time for haircuts for babies. This is partly up to the parents’ decision. However, there are some opinions and suggestions on the subject, let us inform you accordingly.

Since it is mentioned in religious hadiths and it is believed that this is sunnah, “How is the 7-day old baby’s hair cut?” The question can be wondered. First of all, let’s leave the religious aspect of the job aside and talk about the physiological state of the newborn baby. Since newborn babies can lose their body heat from their heads and feet, cutting their hair earlier than expected can cause them to feel cold.

Another issue is the spontaneous loss of hair. Even if the newborn baby’s hair is very thick, shedding may occur in the first 6 months. For this reason, haircuts are not recommended during this process.

So when should babies’ hair be cut?

It is an important criterion to provide neck control so that your baby’s hair can be cut easily. This is possible from the 3rd month, and it may take 6 months for the baby to be completely controlled. Since hair loss will occur in the first 6 months, you can at least wait for this period. When her growing hair becomes uncomfortable for your baby, then you can cut your baby’s hair. On average, this can be 1 year old.

Does shaving a baby’s hair make it thicker?

Let’s talk about the benefits and harms of hair cutting in babies. The fact that the baby’s hair still hasn’t grown a few months after birth can cause concern in mothers that their baby may be bald. This can push mothers to shave their babies’ hair. However, shaving the baby’s hair does not make the hair thicker as it is thought. Experts attribute this to the fact that hair of different lengths grows at the same time and that new hair appears dark in color, creating a false perception that it is actually too much.

Tips for the first haircut for babies!

Some parents prefer to cut their babies’ hair at home, while others may need a hairdresser. If you only want to shorten the ends of your baby’s hair, you can do this with the help of blunt scissors. So how to cut baby hair at home and what should you pay attention to?

  • The most important thing to pay attention to in your baby’s first haircut is to be careful against any sudden movements during the cutting process. You can get support from someone to hold your head, you should be careful not to scare your baby.
  • Before you start cutting, you should have decided what kind of model you will cut.
  • Look for your baby’s calmest time. It can be ideal hours when his stomach is full or when he is completely immersed in the game. You can use toys or items to keep him busy.
  • You should wear a cape so that your cut hair does not make your neck itchy. Towels can work too.
  • You can cut more easily if you wet your hair slightly.
  • You can use special scissors for haircuts more easily.
  • It is important that you do not force your baby if he is very cranky during the cut, you can continue later.
  • You should definitely give your baby a nice shower so that her cut hair does not stick to her skin.

Sometimes mothers may want to keep the baby’s first hair. If you have such a romantic desire, you can have your baby’s hair design jewelry such as necklaces or rings.

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