When Are Eggs Given to Babies?

Egg is a food that you should definitely have on your baby’s nutrition list, thanks to the proteins and vitamins it contains. But of course, you need to know the right time for your baby to eat eggs.

Eggs, however nutritious, are a food that can cause allergies. Therefore, in this article, we will give you detailed information about when to give eggs to babies.

Let me tell you before I start the article. We will tell you about every point of the egg, from the yolk to the white, from the way of cooking to the types.

When are eggs given to babies?

Eggs, whites and yolks should be given to babies in their full form after 1 year of age. Because egg is one of the foods that cause food allergy. Eggs can cause much more allergic reactions, especially if it is babies whose digestive and immune systems are already developing. Among these reactions;

  • skin rashes,
  • Vomiting,
  • diarrhea,
  • He has digestive and respiratory problems. That’s why we recommend waiting until the age of 1 to give your baby the entire egg.

When is egg white given to babies?

The part of the egg that is allergic is the white. This is because the egg white contains more protein that can cause allergies than the yolk. Therefore, the answer to the question of when the egg white is given to babies is after 1 year.

When is egg yolk given to babies?

Egg yolk is much more innocent for allergies than white. That’s why you can start giving your baby small amounts of egg yolk from 6 months of age. But be careful to keep the amount small in the first place, if you experience an allergic reaction, you should also wait a bit for the egg yolk.

When to give quail eggs to babies?

Quail eggs contain more protein, fat and iron than chicken eggs. Therefore, it is a very useful food. However, the amount of protein contained in quail eggs also has the possibility of creating a burden on the kidneys of children under 2 years old. For this reason, we can answer the question of when to give quail eggs to babies as after 2 years of age.

When to give soft-boiled eggs to babies?

You can give the egg yolk that you will give to your baby, or the whole egg yolk you will give after the age of 1, in a soft form. However, you should take care to cook it fully to reduce the risk of bacterial growth.

When to give scrambled eggs to babies?

After the 8th month of your baby, you can give the egg yolk cooked in butter or olive oil, and after the age of 1, break it all in oil.

Are babies given eggs every day?

Eggs are the best quality protein source that a baby/child can consume during the day. Therefore, there is no harm in giving eggs to your baby every day if he is not allergic and is over 1 year old. Even if you are breastfeeding your baby after the age of 1, it would be beneficial to add animal proteins to the nutrition list, since the protein in breast milk will not be enough.

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