When Do Babies Crawl?

“What month do babies crawl?” while watching her baby grow and develop. he wonders, you want to know what you can do to make him crawl easily, right?

We told everything about crawling in babies, which is one of the most important milestones in their development!

When do babies crawl?

With the 6th month of the baby, it now shows great developmental features. He can sit upright, feeds on solid food, and communicates with you. Next is the crawl you’ve been waiting for, we know.

Crawling is important because it strengthens your baby’s arms and legs and gives you information about his development. Crawling at the right time and in the right way means that the baby is developing his gross motor skills .

With the baby’s 8th month, he will start crawling exercises. In this process, he can do the crawling job fully or for now he can just crawl and do exercises until the 9th month. So “How old are babies crawling?” For the answer to the question, we can say 8 or 9 months on average.

Upon this information, “My 8-month-old baby is not crawling!” No need to be alarmed! Some babies start crawling at 6 months, while others crawl on their bottoms. There are even babies who can’t crawl, and don’t worry, it’s all normal! What you need to know is that all these activities must take place between the 6th and the 10th months at the latest.

How do babies crawl?

Your baby’s first crawl attempts will likely reveal images that will make him smile. Because the baby, who has not yet grasped how to do this job, will start looking for a suitable position for himself with various trials.

Do not be afraid that your baby will walk on the ground like a commando using only his arms in the first stages. He does this because his arms are much stronger than his legs! Apart from this, the baby may also move backwards as he has not yet grasped the event.

When it comes to situations like this, don’t go out of your way to show him the truth! Your baby will eventually learn to use their arms and legs in sync.

But in some babies, crawling can be seen in a very different way than they are used to, as a slide on their bottom. If you see your baby doing this, you can put him in the right position.

Thanks to its arms and legs that get stronger over time, your baby will walk around the house like an ant. The hard times are coming, you can prevent his knees from wearing out by getting him a crawling knee pad!

What to do for babies to crawl?

Does your baby not start crawling as you expected at 9 months or seems reluctant to crawl? In such a case, the question “How to teach babies to crawl” will immediately arise in your mind. Let’s talk about what you can do to encourage him to take action.

  • Put items that interest him within the distance he can reach. It can be a toy, a television remote, or any colored object. Whatever your baby likes to play with! For example, you can choose these: When and What to Play: Month Month 0-1 Year Toys
  • Help develop back muscles. This article will help you: Babies Are Stronger: Tummy Time
  • Let him spend time on the ground. Let it turn, crawl. The place is dirty, it gets cold, it gets sick, get away from your thoughts.
  • There are also some crawling toys available to encourage babies to crawl. You can purchase these products if you wish.
  • The images in the mirror attract the baby’s attention and he wants to touch it. You can put a mirror in front of her to let her crawl and let her baby reach.
  • If your baby is in a crawling position but has trouble moving forward, you can get behind her and gently push her butt or legs without her noticing. In this way, the baby gets the necessary acceleration and looks on his way.
  • You shouldn’t stop him from crawling. Most parents put their baby on a walker without letting him crawl when the baby starts to sit up and start moving. Walkers may work for toddlers practicing walking, but not for a toddler!
  • As you solve the crawl, you can add little excitement to keep this activity fit. It is a fun way to put small obstacles such as toys and pillows on the path and make sure that it reaches you in the end. In order for your baby to overcome these obstacles, you should encourage him and guide him with your hand movements. Don’t forget to make eye contact too!
  • If your baby;
  • If he does not crawl by the tenth month,
  • If his arms and legs are shaking when he tries to crawl,
  • If he is unable to look up in the crawling position, you should consult a doctor.
  • By the way , remember that premature babies may crawl later than those born on time!
  • How to ensure safety in a home with a crawling baby?
  • You can make furniture with pointed edges safe by installing corner protectors.
  • You can reduce the risk of electric shock by using socket covers.
  • You can use drawer locks so it doesn’t open and mess up the drawers.
  • You can use a carpet cover to prevent it from swallowing objects such as threads and feathers on the carpet.
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