When is a Pregnancy Test Done?

Your period is late and you ask, “Am I pregnant?” You can’t get the question out of your mind. In this article, we told you when the pregnancy test is done for you. You might be relieved by taking an early pregnancy test, we ask, “When is pregnancy detectable?” and what the pregnancy test results say, let’s answer all the questions that come to your mind!

When is pregnancy detected?

For some women, early symptoms begin in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The first symptoms may begin 5-10 days after fertilization. However, one should not rely too much on these signs. Because the symptoms of pregnancy and premenstrual period (PMS) are similar.

Some symptoms may also indicate that she is going to be sick or that her period is about to begin. You can even be pregnant without experiencing any of the pregnancy symptoms. However, to give an example, the signs of pregnancy cannot be seen clearly 4 days before the period. In other words, it is difficult to say anything definite about when pregnancy will be evident. After about a week after your missed period, you can consider the possibility that you may be pregnant.

What is an early pregnancy test?

An early pregnancy test is essentially the same as a home pregnancy test, so don’t be confused about it. However, there are some brands on the market that introduce themselves directly as an early pregnancy test and claim that they are more sensitive in measuring the HCG hormone in the blood. Predictor early pregnancy test is one of them.

When is a pregnancy test done?

In order for the pregnancy test to give a correct result, the egg must be fertilized by the sperm, as well as the secretion of the hormone HCG. If you test too early, you could still get a negative result even if you are pregnant. In this case, you may wonder when to take a pregnancy test. In order to get a reliable result, it is best to wait for the time when the HCG hormone is secreted more intensely in the urine. In this direction , let us tell you how many days after the pregnancy test is done after the missed period . For a definite result, you should wait for 1 week after the menstrual delay.

If you do a urine pregnancy test 5 days before your period, it is not possible to see the second line. But the hormone rate increases day by day. In other words, if you do a urine pregnancy test 2 days before your period, you may see the second line faintly. But after 7 days from the menstrual date, the positive result will be clearer.

How is a pregnancy test done?

Taking a home pregnancy test is an extremely simple task. You just have to follow the instructions in the pregnancy test you took and wait a short while. However, because you are too excited about whether you are pregnant or not, you may miss some important points. Let’s make a few suggestions just in case:

  • Depending on the brand of the test, you may need to hold the stick in your urine or take your urine into a container and dip the stick in. Most brands now have droppers in their test packs, so a few drops of urine can be easily dripped onto the swab.
  • While you wait to see the result, you can lay the test on a flat, non-hot surface. At the end of the suggested cooldown, you’d better look at the result; because extending or shortening the time may result in change or inaccuracy in the result.
  • You don’t have to test with the first urine of the day; however, the fact that you have not urinated in the last 4 hours increases the probability of correct results.

When is the earliest pregnancy test detected in urine?

It is written in the user manual of pregnancy tests that you should wait a few minutes before looking at the result. That is, tests give results in as little as 5 minutes at most.

What do pregnancy test results say?

  • There is only one line on the pregnancy test! If the pregnancy test is negative, you will see it as a single line. If the result does not satisfy you, you can have a blood test.
  • There are 2 lines on the pregnancy test! If the pregnancy test is positive, it will appear as two lines. This indicates the onset of pregnancy. Congratulations!
  • Pregnancy test faint line examples: My test showed a very faint line! The only way a pregnancy test can give a positive result is to have the hormone HCG in your body. This hormone is only present in your body when you are pregnant. For this reason, if you see even a faint line as a result of the pregnancy test, it means that you are pregnant.
  • The pregnancy test first came back positive and then negative: If you have encountered such a situation, you may have had a chemical pregnancy. So what does this mean? In a chemical pregnancy, the egg is fertilized and begins to implant in the uterus. However, for some reason, he cannot complete the settlement. As a result, you begin to menstruate. Therefore, “How accurate is the pregnancy test?” don’t get confused. Experts think that up to 70% of all pregnancies end this way.
  • Pregnancy test was positive, but I had a period!: You will probably get a negative result if you take a pregnancy test again. Because, as we explained in the previous question, you had a chemical pregnancy and you had your period because the egg could not fully implant in the uterus.
  • The pregnancy test was first negative and then positive!: It means that the situation experienced by many women who want to become pregnant and therefore act impatiently has happened to you too. If the pregnancy test result is negative and then positive, you may have taken the first test before the time you should have taken it. At the time of the test, your first test was negative because the HCG hormone had not started to be secreted, and the result was positive in the next test because the hormone began to be secreted. So good luck, you’re pregnant!
  • Pregnancy test came back negative, but I feel pregnant!: Many diagnostic methods are used to determine pregnancy, and the most surprising among them are women’s instincts. Therefore, we recommend that you do not underestimate this feeling. So if the pregnancy test result is negative and you think you are pregnant, try to determine if you are experiencing pregnancy symptoms. If you think you have certain symptoms, there is a high probability that you are pregnant.
  • I took a pregnancy test, it was negative, but I didn’t have a period !: You may be one of the women in a hurry! Because if you are pregnant, fertilization of the egg alone is not enough for the test to be positive. As we mentioned in the previous explanations, the HCG hormone must also be secreted. That’s why we suggest you wait a little longer and repeat the test.

We explained how to understand a pregnancy test. Women who encounter some situations in their body that are also seen during the ovulation period may immediately think that they are pregnant. Because of these thoughts, there are even those who take a pregnancy test 10 days before the period. However, in order to get the most accurate result, you need to do the test after your period is delayed.

Which pregnancy test brands should be used?

It is possible to find a pregnancy test in many different price ranges, features and uses in the market. Which is the best pregnancy test? Which pregnancy test is easier to use? Which test is cheaper? You may be wondering about the answers to questions such as: Brands such as Predictor pregnancy test and Freely are leading the way.

How much are the pregnancy test prices?

One of the most curious things about this is, “How much is a pregnancy test?” the question is. Although pregnancy test prices vary according to brands, we can say that the fees start from 4.5 TL on average.

Are home pregnancy tests reliable?

Let’s see if the pregnancy test comes out wrong. Taking a blood test for pregnancy will give you the most accurate result. However, if you saw that the result was positive when you took a home pregnancy test, the margin of error is low. In cases where the result is negative, you can repeat the test at regular intervals until you get your period to be one hundred percent sure. To increase reliability, it is important to do the test on time. As we often mentioned above, the delay of your menstrual date is the best time for you to have the test. In other words, if you ask if there is a pregnancy test 7 days before your period, our answer will be no. But if you test again after some time and get a positive result, that doesn’t mean the test is wrong. It means your timing is wrong.

Can you get pregnant during your period?

It is known that couples who do not want to get pregnant and who have unprotected sexual intercourse during their menstrual period face the consequences of pregnancy. Especially towards the end of the menstrual period, when the bleeding stops but there are small spottings, it carries a risk. Because sperm can usually stay alive in the vagina for up to 72 hours, and this time may be longer in relation to the woman’s hormones and metabolism. In this sense, we cannot say that there is no risk of pregnancy during the menstrual period.

In addition, the production of lactic acid, which protects the vagina from germs and infection, stops during the menstrual period. In this sense, not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies; We recommend that you protect yourself to reduce the risk of getting germs and infections.

When should those with menstrual irregularity take the pregnancy test?

If your periods are irregular, you may be confused about when to take the pregnancy test. In such a case, you can wait until your longest menstrual period in the last 6 months to decide on the test day, then you can test.

Frequently asked Questions

How many days after intercourse will you be pregnant?

You can understand your pregnancy after an average of 15 days after sexual intercourse. It is also possible to obtain earlier results with some early pregnancy tests.

How many days after the baby is placed in the womb, does it come out in the urine?

It takes 6 to 10 days for the baby to settle in the uterus. BETA-HCG hormone, which is secreted after pregnancy, becomes evident in the urine analysis 15 days later. “I did a urine test and it was negative, but I’m pregnant.” There are those who say, let’s say that the most reliable result is the blood pregnancy test.

How many days after the menstrual delay is the test done?

A pregnancy test result can be positive 2 weeks after fertilization, that is, 1-2 days after the expected menstrual period. This period may be longer in those who do not have regular menstruation.

How do I know if I am pregnant?

Symptoms such as delayed menstruation, breast and nipple tenderness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fainting and sensitivity to smell are among the symptoms seen in the first week of pregnancy.

How reliable are home pregnancy tests?

Pregnancy tests measure the level of hCG hormone in the blood. Early pregnancy tests have a 97% chance of being correct. However, if you still want definitive results, you should prefer blood pregnancy tests.

How many days late menstrual period passes, pregnancy will be obvious?

After 7 days from the menstrual date, the test is more likely to be positive.

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