When to Give Fish to Babies?

With your baby’s transition to solid food, you got excited too, right? We guess that he can’t wait to discover a new flavor every day. One of the foods you wonder when to eat is fish, right?

So when are babies given fish? When will you add these delicious and Omega-3 rich foods to your baby’s diet? We told it all!

When to give fish to baby?

You know, once your baby is on solid food, she can’t start eating any kind of food. It needs time to digest some foods, so solid foods should be started first with foods that are easy to digest. Fish is also one of the foods that should be given to the baby for digestion. That’s why experts answer the question, “What month do babies get fish for fish,” and that 8th month is appropriate? With your baby’s 8th month, you can gradually include fish in the diet.

What fish can babies eat?

  • Fresh, the sea where it was caught,
  • no bottom fish,
  • Mercury free,
  • Small and without abundant awns,
  • Preferably fish caught from the sea are suitable for babies.

To give an example of these;

  • straw,
  • Bonito,
  • Akya,
  • Seabass can be preferred as a starter.

Now let’s give brief information about some fish and the periods that babies can eat. In the meantime, let’s warn, you need to give all the fish we will talk about in season to your baby.

When is tuna given to babies?

We consume tuna, which is a practical, easily accessible and delicious type of fish, mostly in canned form. But when it comes to babies, canned foods can be a problem. For this reason, it would be more appropriate to wait for babies past the age of 1 to give tuna fish.

When are kidney beans given to babies?

Red mullet is a fish with many small bones. So it poses a risk to babies. If you’re going to give kidney beans to your baby, you need to make sure it’s free of bones. You still wait until your baby is over 1 year old to give kidney beans.

When is salmon given to babies?

Salmon is a fatty and delicious type of fish. It is also easy to clean with its large bones. With this structure, it is among the fish that can be given to babies as of the 9th month. In particular, you can serve it in the form of puree or as fish cakes. But first, have your baby tested a bit and see if he has an allergic reaction.

Is perch given to babies?

Seabass is a soft and delicious fish with large bones like salmon. With these features, you can start giving your 9-month-old baby little by little. Mothers especially prefer the steamed method for sea bass.

When is acorn given to babies?

Bonito is one of the surface fish. Again, thanks to its large bones, it is easy to clean and can be used in many dishes. You can evaluate it with your baby’s 9th month in the oven, in the form of steam, by adding to the soup and in many other ways.

When are anchovies given to babies?

Anchovy is actually suitable for consumption by babies with its content, way of growing and being a surface fish. However, you should not give anchovies to your baby before the age of 1, as they have very small and difficult to clean bones.

When are shrimp given to babies?

There is a risk of allergy to shellfish, especially for babies younger than 1 year old. Therefore, shrimp should not be given to the baby before the age of 1, and should be given carefully after the age of 1 year.

When is trout given to babies?

You can give the trout to your baby with the 9th month.

How should fish be given to babies?

You learned the fish to give to your baby, now let’s learn how to cook these fish.

  • steaming,
  • baking in the oven,
  • Methods such as steaming are ideal for babies. Cooking fish in the form of frying is not a method you should choose as it will reduce its nutritional value.
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