When to Give Milk to Babies?

Milk is a food that we use in many foods and sometimes alone. However, when it comes to infancy, there are many things to consider about the use of milk. What will happen, don’t say you drank breast milk. There is a huge difference between breast milk and animal milk.

So when is milk given to babies, which milk is safe for babies in which month? In our article, we have explained all the details about when to give milk to babies.

When is cow’s milk given to babies?

Inability to digest lactose and casein in milk because the baby’s intestines and digestive system are not yet developed;

  • Allergy,
  • Iron deficiency,
  • constipation ,
  • It can cause problems like asthma. In other words, it is important to wait for the intestinal and nervous systems of babies to start to develop in order to avoid these problems.

“When is cow’s milk given to babies?” Let’s answer the question. For the reasons mentioned above, cow’s milk should not be given to babies before the age of 1 year. Allergy and constipation problems are very common in babies who are introduced to cow’s milk before the age of 1 year. If you are already breastfeeding, your baby does not need any other milk. But when it comes to feeding with formula, it is useful to consult your doctor.

When is goat’s milk given to babies?

Goat milk is much easier to digest than cow’s milk. Goat milk is a safer food for babies, as it contains less lactose and has less risk of allergies. With the 8th month of your baby, you can taste products such as yogurt and cheese made from goat’s milk and see if there is an allergic reaction.

In other words, we can say 8 months as an answer to the questions such as how many months old baby is given goat milk yoghurt and when to give goat milk cheese to the baby.

When is pasteurized milk given to babies?

We have to say this about it. The milk you give to your baby after the age of 1 should definitely be pasteurized milk. Because raw milk, which is considered to be healthier, is boiled and therefore all the beneficial components in it die. In the pasteurized milk process, the beneficial substances are damaged much less and it does not contain harmful bacteria. By the way, “When is ready milk given to babies?” The answer to the question will be 1 year.

In short, “Do you need to boil pasteurized milk?” Let’s answer the question. No, there is no need for boiling as all harmful substances in the milk are purified in the pasteurization process.

Is milk harmful for babies?

First, let’s explain why this should be taken care of. There is a serious difference of opinion among experts about giving milk to babies and children. It is not recommended for infants because substances such as lactose and casein in milk are very difficult to digest by humans and cause various health problems.

“But does he drink breast milk?” you might think. However, breast milk does not contain any nutrients that the baby cannot digest or that may be harmful to him. Therefore, there is no risk of causing any health problems.

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