When to Give Water to Babies?

“When are babies given water?”, “Is a newborn baby given water?” “How much water should a 6-month-old baby drink?” Don’t let questions like this bother you. All the details you wonder about water consumption in babies are in our article!

Mother giving the water to baby

Can a newborn baby be given water?

Newborns should never be given water. Because babies who drink water with breast milk have a higher risk of getting an infection.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Murat Palabıyık says that babies who are given water are more likely to develop oral fungi, diaper rash, thrush and diarrheal diseases. Because harmful bacteria find the opportunity to enter the body in this way.

Breast milk contains 70-80% water. This is an amount that will meet the water needs of babies. Therefore, the baby, who receives all the nutrients he needs for his body from breast milk, does not need to consume anything else.

Can babies be given water?

Anadolu Medical Center Pediatrics Specialist Ayşe Sokullu says that if breast milk is sufficient and the baby’s weight gain is normal, water should not be given. Because instead of water, the baby’s stomach needs to be filled with breast milk.

However, the baby;

  • if sick,
  • If you have a special situation,
  • If the food is consuming,
  • Ayşe Sokullu says that if she takes additional food, you should definitely give her water.

In such cases, you can choose from mineral waters specially produced for babies. Of course, not every expert agrees on this; You still talk to your doctor.

When are babies given water?

Experts agree that a breastfed baby does not need extra water. Let’s say how many months babies are given water . For the first 6 months, you should only feed your baby with breast milk. Whenever you start solid food, you can start giving water. Specialist Dr. Başak Namdar Çelikkan says that water should not be considered as the main food source, even during the supplementary food period . You should not forget that you must meet your baby’s main nutritional needs from breast milk.

Dr. Şirin Seçkin also says that babies should be given water with additional nutrients. However, if it is necessary to give water to the baby beforehand, he states that it should be boiled for the first 3 months. There are some differences of opinion among experts.

Can a 4 month old baby be given water?

You should not give water to your 4-month-old baby , as the ideal period for infants to switch to complementary foods is 6 months .

Is water given to babies who eat formula?

You may not be able to breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months and you may have to feed him formula. However, even in such a situation, you should not give water to your baby for the first 6 months. Because the formula has the content to meet the nutritional values ​​that the baby needs.

Remember that the extra water you give him will fill your baby’s stomach. It prevents him from getting the nutrients necessary for his growth and development.

How much water should formula-fed babies be given?

You should prepare the amount of water in accordance with the measurements written on the food package. Because the baby’s calorie calculation and development are determined according to the amounts there.

If the amount of water is too much, you may cause the electrolyte (water-salt) balance in your baby’s body to deteriorate.

How much water should a 6 month old baby drink?

The amount of water to be given to the baby who switched to solid food;

  • Boy,
  • Kilo,
  • The amount of breast milk consumed,
  • It depends on the constipation condition.

You should give the water to your baby, who has switched to solid food, after boiling the water in the first place and leaving it to warm. You don’t need to boil the water after 1 year.

It is enough to give your baby a few spoons of water after the food. You should give the water after boiling it in the first process and letting it cool. This corresponds to daily water consumption of 40-50 cc.

The amount of water your baby needs varies according to his age and increases as he gets older. If he is not constipated, you may think that his fluid intake is sufficient. If constipation starts to show, you may think you need to increase your water consumption.

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