When to Use Baby Sleeping Companion?

Sleep in babies is an issue in itself. Having a sleep pattern is perhaps the most difficult thing in the world for many babies when talking about those who cry, do not sleep, and have bed phobia. For this reason, everything that makes it easier for babies to sleep, from sleep management to sleep companions, is a great invention for mothers.

What is a sleep mate?

It is a simple toy without sound and light. It can be a handkerchief or a soft teddy bear.

What good is a sleeping companion?

In a sense, it is a symbol of trust for your baby. Your baby can hug it and fall asleep peacefully.

Before the baby falls asleep, he can rub his sleeping companion on his face, smell it, play with it, and fall asleep more easily by calming and distracting himself.

Unlike being put to sleep by breastfeeding, giving a bottle or shaking it standing up, the baby learns to sleep on its own in the crib thanks to its sleep partner. In other words, it is a baby toy that also helps with sleep training.

When should a baby sleep companion be used?

Let’s tell you how old the sleeping companion is given . 4-month-old babies are ready to go to sleep with their sleeping companion. Don’t forget; what your baby needs in the newborn period and up to the 4th month is swaddling and your contact; It’s not a sleep mate.

How to use a sleeping companion?

Your baby doesn’t get used to his sleeping companion right away. Don’t go into the mother-of-baby mode, thinking that she doesn’t like your sleep buddy.

You should never take your sleeping companion out of your baby’s bed. Sleeping companion shouldn’t be just one of those ordinary baby toys. He should pair it with sleep. He should see her when she goes to bed to sleep. If your baby is going to sleep in the stroller or elsewhere, you can give him the sleeping toy. The important thing is that he doesn’t play with it during normal hours.

At first, you can place it in your clothes to get used to your sleeping companion. Mother’s scent is the scent that babies know and trust the most. Get your scent on your sleeping toy.

What should a sleep mate be like?

How to choose a good sleep companion , let’s move on to our recommendations.

He will rub it on his child’s face, he will hug him and sleep. So of course it should be soft. Sleeping companion toys made of cloth are much more convenient.

Of course, the material is also important. It should be cotton, made of materials that do not contain harmful dyes and will not irritate your baby’s skin (completely organic if possible). Of course, it is important that it is washable.

It should be large enough for your baby to grasp with his tiny hands.

It should have extensions such as ears, legs, wings, arms so that the baby can play with these extensions with their tiny fingers and fall asleep more easily.

With its cute models such as sleeping companion elephant, lamb and rabbit, it is an integral part of baby cribs lately.

Can suckling babies get used to their sleeping companion?

If you’ve gotten your baby used to breastfeeding him to sleep, you’re his sleep buddy. No matter where the harm comes from, you’d better start sleep training your baby.

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