Which Foods Are Good for Iron Deficiency in Children?

Nutrition is very important when it comes to iron deficiency in children. Fortunately, many foods are rich in iron, and iron deficiency can be greatly reduced by diet alone.

Let’s see how the nutrition should be in iron deficiency in children, what are the foods that are good for iron deficiency?

1- Green leafy vegetables

Especially vegetables with dark green leaves contain intense iron. Among them;

  • Spinach,
  • brussels sprouts,
  • black cabbage,
  • There are vegetables such as chard. However, you need to be careful while cooking these vegetables. Overcooking can reduce the iron content in it. Therefore, it is beneficial to keep these vegetables slightly fresh.

2- Red meat

Among the foods containing iron, of course, there are red meats. Especially grilled lamb and beef are very rich in iron. In addition, liver is a food rich in iron.

In the meantime, let’s say this. You often give your child red meat with dairy products like buttermilk. However, dairy products reduce the absorption of iron in the intestines. Therefore, it may be more beneficial to choose beverages such as orange juice containing vitamin C, which provides iron absorption, in addition to foods containing iron.

3- Egg

Eggs, which are one of the most important parts of a healthy diet, are among the foods that make iron. You can supplement with iron by feeding your child 1 egg every day for breakfast. You can also give green leafy vegetables such as arugula with it.

4- Legumes

Another food that eliminates iron deficiency is dried legumes. Not missing from our tables;

  • Chickpeas,
  • Bean,
  • Green and red lentils,
  • Regular consumption of legumes such as mung beans helps replenish your child’s iron stores.

5- Nuts

Among the nuts that are good for iron deficiency, the most important ones are hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds. These nuts also help strengthen the immune system with the natural oils they contain. By the way, peanut butter can be a product of choice for children, and it works.

In addition, dried fruits are among the foods you can choose for their antioxidant and iron content. Especially raisins are very rich in iron. 100 g of raisins can meet 25% of the daily iron need.

6- Red fruits

Dark red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries also contain intense iron. In addition, foods that are beneficial to the body with antioxidants in their content. However, it is important to eat these fruits in season to take full advantage of them. In the meantime, let us remind you that fruits such as strawberries can cause an allergic reaction in children.

7- Molasses

Grape molasses contains at least as much iron as red meat. There is 1 mg of iron in 1 teaspoon of molasses. This equates to almost 50 grams of red meat. In other words, molasses is one of the most important foods that contain iron.

8- Cereals

All grains, especially oats, except bran, are iron stores. You can add grains to your daily diet list with peace of mind.

What should be the daily nutrition list of a child with iron deficiency?

To sum up, you can arrange your child’s daily nutrition plan in iron deficiency as follows.

  • Make sure she eats an egg for every breakfast.
  • Keep nuts and dried fruits in the lunch box, especially for snacks.
  • Make sure you get vitamin C while eating meat and green leafy vegetables.
  • Have him eat a spoonful of molasses in the morning.
  • Avoid overconsumption of milk. Excess milk prevents the absorption of iron in the intestine.
  • You should choose whole-grain products instead of whole-grain products. Bran retains iron in the gut.
  • You can always give eggs to your child not as boiled, but by combining them with foods containing vitamin C such as green peppers and onions.
  • You can give green salads with plenty of lemons next to meat products.
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