Which Maternity Pillow Is Better?

With the maternity pillow, you can overcome the back and lower back pain that increases as your belly grows. Moreover, as your pregnancy progresses, sleeping and lying down will become a difficult situation for you, and the pregnancy pillow provides great comfort for all of these.

If you do not know enough about these pillows and do not know how to choose, which pregnant pillow is suitable for you, you can be enlightened by reading our article. We’ve also included the best maternity pillow recommendations for you!

What is a maternity pillow?

As your pregnancy progresses, you will not be able to lie on your back because of your growing belly, and you will have pain in your waist and back due to the weight of your belly and the pressure of your baby. These aches and discomforts will increase, especially while sleeping.

That means you need a helper to support your lower back, back, core and sometimes even your whole body while you lie down. This is where the maternity pillow comes into play. Maternity pillows (also known as maternity sleeping pillows) are pillows designed to support a part or all of the body in various shapes and sizes.

It is important to have a perfect sleep during pregnancy. Maternity pillows will also help you get that sleep. In fact, it will be a nice gift not only for you, but also for your partner with whom you share your bed; because you will not be constantly moving and restless and you will have opened the door to a sound sleep for both of you.

So, do you really need a maternity pillow ?

Maybe “I can handle this with a regular pillow.” you think. However, the difference of maternity pillows from other pillows is that they are produced with more supportive materials and designed to be curved, inclined and protruding, unlike normal pillows, in order to ensure the comfort of the body! In other words, these pillows are produced by considering every detail of the shape of your body during pregnancy.

What materials is the maternity pillow made of?

The quality of support provided by maternity pillows is directly proportional to the quality of the filling material. We have listed the most preferred materials as filling material in maternity pillows below. You can make your choice according to the properties of these materials.

1- Memory foam padding

It takes the shape of the body and provides support accordingly. When the weight is removed, it regains its former shape. In addition, it has a permeable feature and can provide air circulation in the pillow.

2- Micro soft bead filling

It is a filling consisting of very small polystyrene beads. Pillows made of this material are soft and light. It makes no noise and is sufficiently supportive. This material also provides air circulation.

3- Polyester fiber filling

It is a very soft filling material. Its support and stiffness can be determined by the amount of fiber. However, its air permeability is very low.

4- Styrofoam ball filler

This filling material is a material that is less preferred and mostly found in cheap pillows. As it is filled with large and hard styrofoam balls, it can sink into your body and makes an incredible sound.

Some pillows also use natural materials such as real cotton and wool. It’s up to you to choose!

How to choose a maternity pillow?

Before choosing a maternity pillow, it will be useful to find answers to the following questions;

  • In which part of your body do you experience pain when you wake up from sleep? (such as back, waist, neck)
  • Do you sleep comfortably on your side, on your back, in which position? 
  • Do you like firm padding in mattresses and pillows or soft?
  • Do you have a multiple pregnancy ?

After answering these questions, you can choose from the maternity pillows we will offer you.

Types of maternity pillows

Maternity pillows are divided into different groups according to their shape and the regions they provide support.

1- Pregnant support pillow

  • There are 2 types of these pillows that are used frequently; triangular and round.
  • Pillows are designed with a slight slope so that they can enter the part of the body that needs support.
  • It supports only parts of the body such as waist, belly and back. For this reason, it is also called a back pillow or lumbar pillow.
  • You can use it wherever you need support in your body at that moment. You can also use it for your head.
  • It takes up little space in the bed, so you can leave room for your partner to sleep as well.
  • It is slightly cheaper than other pillows.
  • However, if you need support for different parts of your body at the same time, this pillow may not be enough for you. In this case, you should take a look at other pillow types.

2- Full length maternity support pillow

  • These pillows support the whole body.
  • It is completely flat, without any slopes or protrusions.
  • You can sleep hugging a pillow, so the pillow determines where it needs to be supported.
  • You can create a support from here by taking the lower part of this pillow between your legs.
  • Unlike regional support pillows, you do not need to use another pillow for any part of your body.
  • However, it takes up too much space in the bed and may not provide sufficient back support.

3- Full body pregnancy pillow

  • It provides excellent support to both the outer and inner parts of the body at the same time.
  • There are C and U shaped models.
  • In the C model, the base of the pillow supports the navel between the legs, and the upper part supports the head and neck. The flat part of the pillow wraps around your back and provides support here.
  • The U model, on the other hand, hugs both the front and rear body. It provides excellent support for the waist, back, legs, head and neck, but as your belly grows, it may be difficult to be comfortable with this pillow.
  • It is the largest pillow model, covering 75% of a double bed. It is also the most expensive pillow model.

Considering all these criteria, you can choose a pregnant sleeping pillow for yourself. Many pregnant women are very satisfied with the support they receive thanks to these pillows and they say that they have a more peaceful and pain-free sleep. You know how important sleep is during pregnancy. Then these pillows are worth a try.

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