Why Do Babies’ Hands Get Cold?

Did you notice that your little baby’s even smaller hands are cold? In this case, a lot of questions arise in your mind, right? “My baby’s hands are cold, why?”, “Is it bad if the baby’s hands are cold?” We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Why do babies’ hands get cold, you will find everything about this subject in our article!

What are the causes of cold hands in babies?

lack of activity

A child or adult performs many activities during the day using their hands. Playing games, typing, working and many other situations increase blood flow and therefore the hands are usually the same temperature as the whole body.

However, the baby’s movement during the day is limited. Especially in the newborn period, he spends a large part of the day sleeping, the most active times are feeding hours and he does not have a serious activity, which causes low blood flow and therefore cold hands. As the baby grows, the resulting coldness decreases.


If your baby’s temperature rises above 38 degrees, cold hands and feet may occur. This is because his body is fighting the microorganisms that cause the fever. For this reason , the immune system may try to remove body heat from the baby’s organs such as hands and feet.

Of course, you may not be able to attribute this situation to fire in the first place. For this, try to observe other signs below:

  • Excessive warmth in the face, chest or joint areas
  • Anorexia, breast refusal
  • Sleeping state,
  • less urination
  • don’t cry a lot,
  • redness on the face,
  • Yellowish color in the eyes.

The circulatory system is still developing

Your baby’s circulatory system continues to develop until the third month. Therefore, blood goes to vital organs such as the heart and lungs where it is needed most first. It is quite common and normal for these organs to be cold, especially in newborn babies under 3 months of age, since the hands and feet are the body parts that blood usually reaches last.

poor blood circulation

This is a very serious condition and manifests itself with bruised lips or blue spots, apart from a cold hand. If this is the case, it is understood that there is not enough oxygen in the body. In similar cases;

  • heart problems,
  • Lung or breathing problems
  • blood circulation problems,
  • Infections may occur.

What should you do when baby’s hands are cold?

First of all, let’s say: Experts recommend checking the tummy or the back of the neck to better understand if your baby has a fever or is feeling cold. The baby’s chest should be warm and dry, not sweaty or cold.

  • If your baby’s chest, neck, or tummy is a little colder, then you might think you’re cold. In this case, you can regulate body temperature by dressing in thicker clothes, slightly increasing the room temperature, or by laying a blanket over it. Do one of these and check after 20 minutes.
  • Check your fever. If your baby has a fever above 38 degrees, there may be a problem.
  • Hug her. Carrying it on your lap or taking it to a kangaroo will help it become one with your body temperature.
  • Get him active. Spending time with toys that can use his hands, such as rattles and toy bars, accelerates the blood circulation in his hands.
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