Why Does a Newborn Baby Cry?

The baby uses the only communication method he can have with you and cries. So what does it tell you? What does she want? What should you understand from these cries and what should you do? Here are our answers to newborn crying.

Why does a newborn baby cry?

If your baby is crying, he wants to tell you something. So what could he be saying?

He’s hungry!

Calm babies may fidget instead of crying when they are hungry, and they may gradually start to fuss. If your baby is among these calm babies, you can observe such a reaction. However, remember that your baby’s way of expressing his hunger will usually be crying! In response to the question of why the newborn baby cries at night, we can give him the hunger. Of course, there are other answers to the question of how to understand that a newborn baby is hungry.

He felt uncomfortable!

What is bothering your baby;

  • A wet or poopy cloth
  • Gas and indigestion problems
  • Feeling cold or too hot
  • It may be that he wears itchy clothes.

Bored or scared!

So why does a clean baby with a full stomach cry? Your baby is probably bored, wants your attention and affection, feels lonely and scared. That’s why she may be crying just to hear your voice, feel your touch, be in her arms.

Tired and sleepless!

The fact that the baby is overly tired and sleepless causes him to cry. The baby, who is usually expected to sleep up to 16 hours a day, becomes cranky and cries when he cannot sleep. In addition, exposure to excessive noise and visual stimuli can cause crying.

Making sense of newborn baby cries: What should I understand?

Which of the above reasons does your baby’s crying indicate? Here are some simple tips about it:

  • If she’s crying because she’s hungry, she may be moving her lips and looking for breasts.
  • Crying due to pain is in the form of a sudden and high-pitched scream.
  • If he rubs his eyes, he is sleepy.
  • If she started crying after a noise, she was scared.

How long does crying last in newborn babies?

On average, a newborn baby may cry for 1 to 4 hours a day.

What to do when a newborn baby cries?

  • Check your diaper and if you’re hungry!

After making sure that your baby’s diaper is dry and clean, you can investigate whether he is hungry. For this, you may need to calm your baby first, let’s say.

  • Check your body temperature!

Are your baby’s hands and feet cold? Does he look sweaty and overwhelmed? After answering these questions, you can dress your baby in something new or thin out his clothes. It might even be a good idea to give your baby a warm bath. In this way, you not only calm him down, but also make him feel happy. On this subject , you can refer to our article titled 

  • Say calming words!

You can speak quietly and calmly. These sounds remind the baby of the sounds he heard while in the womb, thus making him feel better. If he’s in his crib, you can also try stroking while you talk to him.

  • Let it suck!

Your baby’s need for sucking is very strong. Not just your breast; You can even calm her down by getting her to suck her thumb. Because the sucking movement regulates the baby’s pulse and relaxes the stomach muscles.

  • Take it in your arms!

If she doesn’t stay in bed and continues to cry, the best thing you can do to stop her crying is to hold her in your arms. He will calm down when he senses your heartbeat and your scent.

At this time, you can gently caress his stomach and back with soft movements or lie down with him in a skin-to-skin contact manner.

  • Shake it slowly!

If you hold your baby in your arms and shake him, he will feel and relax in your tummy like in the old days. When you are tired, you can continue to rock your baby using the stroller, kangaroo or baby carrier.

You can also try going outside as a good alternative. Especially if there is a park or a wooded road close to your house, this can be relaxing not only for your baby but also for you.

  • Help her hear soothing sounds!

There are many sounds called white noise that remind the baby of the mother’s womb. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines and hair dryers are some of them! To soothe your baby, you can make them hear the sounds of these machines.

You can also listen to soothing music compiled for babies or sounds inspired by nature, such as the sea. It will definitely be more enjoyable for you than the sound of the vacuum cleaner!

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