Why Don’t Babies Sleep?

“My baby is not sleeping!” If you are complaining, you should know what causes this situation. In this article, “Why don’t babies sleep?” We have explained in detail all the reasons for the issue. Why do babies sometimes don’t want to sleep, let’s find out together!

1. Why does the newborn baby not sleep?

There may be several reasons why a newborn baby does not sleep. While trying to adapt to the world, many physical problems such as gas and stomachache can cause the baby not to sleep. Before answering the question why a 1-month-old baby does not sleep , you need to learn the sleeping pattern of the newborn baby.

2. Health problems

Let’s continue with the most curious question, ” Why don’t babies sleep at night? ” Your baby used to sleep well before but now wakes up at night crying? This condition can be caused by a health problem. Especially;

  • abdominal pain ,
  • Grip,
  • nasal congestion ,
  • gas pain ,
  • baby reflux ,
  • Problems such as constipation can interfere with your baby’s sleep.

In cases where your baby has insomnia, you can find out whether there is such a problem and look for a solution.

3. Teething period

One of the most cranky and restless moments of the baby is the teething period! This situation, which starts at about 6 months, may cause the baby’s itchy and sore gums to not give him comfort and affect his sleep. When the fever caused by teething is added to this, the insomnia problem will increase even more. In other words, especially “Why does the 6-month-old baby not sleep?” The answer to the question may be the period of teething.

To prevent this, you should relieve the problems in the gums. With the approval of your doctor, you can relieve your pain and solve your sleep problem with methods such as gels , teether, gum massage.

4. Being hungry

The baby sleeps a lot, especially in the first months, and is very hungry. When he realizes that he is hungry during sleep breaks, he becomes restless. She does not want to sleep without the soothing effect of breast milk. In this case, if you don’t breastfeed him, he may continue to stay awake for a longer period of time.

If you can’t find any reason why your baby isn’t sleeping, you can try breastfeeding him. Sometimes you think you’re full, but he may be hungry. If he relaxes and sleeps after feeding him, you can understand that hunger is the cause of insomnia.

5. Exposure to excessive stimuli

Times have changed, now babies are given phones and tablets as soon as they are born. The television is placed in front of him or videos are played from other devices so that he can eat or calm down more easily. Although “The smaller he, he does not understand!” The pattern is also affected by the blue light emitted by these devices and causes the sleep signals given to the brain to deteriorate. In addition, stimuli such as the sounds and colors it emits prevent quality sleep.

To prevent this, you need to remove electronic devices from your baby’s life. When he grows up, he will be very busy with them anyway, let him sleep peacefully now.

6. Too long daytime naps

In the newborn period, the baby spends most of its days sleeping. In this process, he usually decides how much sleep he will get in which time period. However, after 3 months of age, he gradually starts to form a routine, taking 2 or 4 hours of daytime naps.

After 6 months, 2 pieces of daytime sleep of one hour is enough for him. When the crawling and walking adventure begins, this process goes down to 1.

We can say that one answer to the question why babies do not sleep at night is long daytime naps. Because if your baby sleeps longer than average during the daytime, it prevents him from sleeping at night. Because he sleeps a lot during the day, he sleeps later at night or he may wake up very lively at a meaningless hour. To prevent this, you need to establish a sleep pattern.

7. Being very sleepy

If the baby goes to bed later than the routine he is used to for any reason, he starts to get angry with tiredness. When you are very tired, you think that you will pass out and go to sleep, but this creates anger in him and you see that he is prevented from falling asleep with crying attacks. For this reason, the baby who does not sleep enters a more vicious cycle.

That’s why you have to prevent the routine you have created from breaking. Just so you know, your baby loves habits and doesn’t like having them spoiled!

8. Wrong mattress selection

Do you know how important your baby’s bed is? Sleep is the most important factor affecting the healthy growth and development of your baby! It is important that this happens in the right environment.

Therefore, the baby bed you choose should neither be too soft nor too hard. Orthopedic mattresses may be appropriate. Materials such as cotton are very comfortable, but can trigger the risk of allergies in your baby. That’s why you can choose sponge material especially up to the 6th month. After 6 months, you can evaluate fiber, latex and visco mattresses.

No matter how cute it may seem to you, your baby doesn’t like having a lot of stuff in the bed. You should put materials such as toys and blankets on the bed as little as possible. A sleeping companion and a blanket are enough.

9. No sleep routine

One of the things that bother many mothers is the question of why babies do not sleep during the day . In fact, there are many reasons why daytime naps are short, and daytime naps are essential for a healthy sleep pattern. A baby who does not sleep during the day also whines about going to sleep at night and starts the day early in the morning.

Having the wrong sleep association, not applying a pre-sleep routine or applying these routines only before the night’s sleep, in short, not providing the baby with the necessary sleep environment can lead to a decrease in the quality and duration of daytime sleep.

10. Increased social characteristics

This is actually related to the development of the baby. With the baby’s 8th month, he will start crawling and then he will take his first steps to walk slowly. There is so much to discover in the process! Now, being able to reach the things she wants and be able to act on her own will have a lot of fun for her baby. In such a situation, “Why don’t babies want to sleep?” The answer to the question also makes sense. He’s having so much fun with it!

In addition, waking up at night and realizing that life is still going on and that his parents are up is one of the situations that prevents him from falling asleep again.

11. Fear of Separation

Sometimes, no matter what you do, if he doesn’t fall asleep screaming, clings to your neck and doesn’t want to leave you, your mind is “Why do babies resist sleep?” The question will come. This problem may be due to the fear of separation.

If you are wondering why a 1-year-old baby does not sleep , we can say that babies in this period have a serious sensitivity to separation from their mothers. Let alone sleeping, even turning their backs on their mothers is a cause of unhappiness for them. In such a situation, it will be very difficult for the baby to leave the mother and go to bed.

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