Why Is It Wrong to Force-Eat a Child?

Feeding your kid food sometimes turns into a battle, right? In such cases, mothers may get angry and enter the reflex of forcibly feeding the child. However, this is not correct behavior.

Well, why is it wrong to force-feed a child, what harm does it do? We talked about it in our article.

Why do children and babies not eat?

There are many situations that cause children not to eat. The important thing is to know these issues and show an approach accordingly. Let’s talk about the most common causes of food refusal.

  • The child may not be hungry yet.
  • It may be during the teething period , which triggers loss of appetite.
  • He may be avoiding a food he doesn’t like.
  • He may be in a very active period, he may prefer to play instead of eating.
  • He may be angry with his parents, punishing them in his own way.
  • It could be an anemia problem.
  • It could be sibling jealousy .
  • He may be mentally disturbed.

Why is it wrong to force-feed a child?

Sometimes your patience may be strained when your child refuses food, takes it out of his mouth, or resists not eating. So you may have tried to force him to eat at times. However, unfortunately, trying to force a child to eat brings with it many problems.

  • In the first place, force-feeding causes a feeling of insecurity towards the mother.
  • It causes an anxious attachment to the mother.
  • It develops a lack of self-confidence.
  • It causes social miscommunication.
  • It prepares the infrastructure for the emergence of eating problems.

What should be done for children and babies to eat without problems?

  • First of all, don’t offer your child more food than he/she can eat.
  • Give him the opportunity to starve. It is better for his development and psychology for him to get hungry and demand food himself.
  • You definitely shouldn’t be nervous about this topic. If his weight and height are correct, he does not need to eat much food.
  • You should be a role model for your child. You should set an example for him by eating healthy meals at the desk at certain times.
  • He should eat the food not as much as you want him to eat, but as much as he wants. You don’t know better than your child how hungry or full your stomach is.
  • You should not get into conflict with your child while eating. If you make him feel comfortable about eating, your child will approach without forcing.
  • You should never run after your child with a spoon in hand. This chase causes the child to get tired unnecessarily, as well as to get away from the food and feel pressure.
  • Make mealtimes attractive to your child. Giving the food the chance to choose to eat it, presenting it with beautiful presentations, not filling the plate are simple but effective solutions.
  • During feeding, stimulant devices such as television, mobile phone, tablet should not be turned on.
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